Maggie Sajak’s fans beg ‘thirsty’ Wheel of Fortune fans to stop with ‘desperate’ comments: ‘Leave her alone!’

maggie sajak facebook selfie june 2023
Some of Maggie Sajak’s followers have gotten out of hand with their comments. Pic credit: @maggiesajak/Facebook

Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondent Maggie Sajak has many admirers, but some take their admiration a step too far with their social media comments.

As the daughter of Pat Sajak, it seemed as though nepotism would help Maggie rise to fame.

But Maggie, 29, has made a name for herself on Wheel of Fortune, interviewing contestants backstage and offering Wheel watchers some behind-the-scenes secrets and exclusive digital content, proving that she’s the real deal and not just floating on her dad’s fame.

Since becoming the Social Correspondent for Wheel of Fortune in 2021, Maggie has risen in popularity.

She currently has 147,000 followers on Instagram and another 50,000 on Facebook.

With her natural beauty, charm, and ease in front of the camera, it’s easy to see why Maggie has accumulated such a large fan base.

It’s not uncommon for Maggie’s enthusiasts to express their devotion to the young star, but sometimes their comments are out of line.

Such was the case recently when Maggie was inundated with “thirsty” comments from men on an Instagram post.

Maggie Sajak’s admirers fawn over the Wheel of Fortune star

In the post, she posed with a margarita in hand to plug Wheel of Fortune’s Margaritaville Resorts family vacation giveaway.

Maggie looked beautiful in a black floral dress amid a tropical backdrop, writing in the caption, “Margaritas, anyone?🍋‍🟩🧂🍹Continue the @margaritaville fun by entering the Fan Friday word of the day TONIGHT for a chance to win your very own Frozen Concoction Maker and a $1,000 Margaritaville gift card!”

Maggie’s upload received thousands of likes, and many of her fans and followers flocked to the comments section to fawn over the blonde beauty.

Some of the Instagram commenters remarked how beautiful Maggie is, calling her a “Magnificent beauty,” and complimenting her attire.

Others took it a step further, with one superfan asking, “Miss me, BABY????”

“Will you marry me please?” wrote another, adding, “I want to talk to you now.”

maggie sajak's "thirsty" instagram comments
Pic credit: @maggiesajak/Instagram

Yet another fervent follower intended to flatter Maggie by commenting on her “beautiful smile,” “juicy moist hot red lips,” “sexy eyes,” and “beautiful long blonde hair.”

Maggie’s supporters call out the ‘thirsty’ and ‘desperate’ commenters

But, coming to Maggie’s defense, some fans noted that the above comments were inappropriate and over the top.

“So many thirsty dudes in the comments lol,” wrote @timstephens, adding, “Yes, Maggie is a beautiful woman. But she is also a person of value and is worthy of respect.”

maggie sajak's supporters comment on her instagram post
Pic credit: @maggiesajak/Instagram

Agreeing with the sentiment, @drummergirl_1 replied, “And she also has herself a boyfriend now. All the desperate dudes on here should leave her alone!”

Maggie has a leading man in her life

As Monsters and Critics reported, Maggie is officially off the market, so the impassioned “thirsty” and “desperate dudes” can save their remarks.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Maggie is dating Scottish actor Ross McCall, 48.

After months of speculation they were involved romantically, the two were photographed canoodling during a day outing.

The lovebirds were spotted in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, walking their dog last month.

Ross was leaving flirty comments on Maggie’s Instagram posts for some time, fueling the rumors they were dating. But now the rumors can be put to rest since the cat is out of the bag.

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