Mads Lewis shows off incredible physique in skintight workout wear for 360 mirror selfie

Mads Lewis poses at Midnight Sun premiere
Mads Lewis shows off her athletic physique in skintight workout wear for a 360 mirror selfie. Pic credit: ©

Mads Lewis showed off her incredible athletic physique in skintight workout gear as she posed for a unique 360 mirror selfie.

The 19-year-old TikTok star frequently shares her workout routines with her social media followers, and the workouts look grueling. In a recent Instagram video, she showed herself killing it doing box jumps, ball slams, thrusters, and mountain climbers.

Following the workout, Lewis shared a mirror selfie of her workout outfit with her many social media followers.

She wore skintight maroon leggings paired with a simple gray workout bra.

Her chic workout get-up came from I.AM.GIA. and she linked to fashion line via her Story.

She also paired her workout gear with a black purse with a star keychain and a purple hairband around her wrist.

Mads Lewis looked incredibly fit in her workout mirror selfie

Lewis captured her stunning workout gear and toned figure with a flattering 360 mirror selfie. The photo angle almost created an optical illusion as Lewis snapped a picture in the mirror in front of her and also captured the mirror behind her.

The unique photo captured her outfit from all angles, giving viewers a glimpse of her white high-tops and her brunette hair flowing down her back.

She opted to hide her face for the picture, holding her phone up in front of it and showing off her groovy, colorful phone case.

Mads Lewis poses for a 360 mirror selfie in workout gear
Pic credit: @madslewis/Instagram

While Lewis is known for posting her workout routines and outfits, she initially rose to prominence by posting on the app Lewis then gained an impressive amount of fame on’s successor, TikTok, where she posted viral lip-sync and dancing videos.

Today, she has garnered a staggering 12.7 million followers on TikTok who tune in daily for updates on her life and to see her do trends and challenges.

The teen influencer decided to use her popularity for good with her branded slogan, JRYB, which stands for “Just Remember You’re Beautiful.” She recently launched a merchandise line to spread the uplifting slogan to others.

Lewis and boyfriend Kevin Mejia get fit together

As Lewis shares her workout routines, she is frequently seen working out alongside her boyfriend Kevin Mejia. In fact, Mejia may be the reason behind Lewis’ recent increased focus on fitness, as he is a fitness trainer who hails from L.A.

The two started dating in 2022, after Lewis’ break-up with Jaden Hossler in 2021.

On the same day she posted her mirror selfie, Lewis shared a video to Instagram of herself and Mejia completing a grueling gym workout together.

Even in the midst of grueling workouts, though, the two manage to work in some romance. This was seen in a sweet video she posted of them doing pull-ups together and stopping to kiss over the top of the pull-up bar.

Lewis and Mejia are proving to be couple’s goals as they work out together and encourage each other in their fitness journeys.

Meanwhile, Lewis’ grueling workouts are paying off as she shows off her incredible physique on TikTok and Instagram.

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