Mads Lewis shares interesting underwear selfie while posing in a mirror

Mads Lewis close up
Mads Lewis shows fans how to rise and shine like a goddess. Pic credit: @madslewis/Instagram

It’s a beautiful new day, or at least it looks that way for brunette beauty Mads Lewis, as seen in the cheeky underwear selfie she shared this morning.

The 19-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona has come a long way over the past few years, and now that she’s officially an adult, she seems to be really taking off. 

Case in point, Mads rolled out of bed and snapped a pic earlier today that has the internet going crazy, and for good reason!

Clad in nothing but an olive green crop top and a pair of cream-colored frilly undies, Mads snapped a mirror selfie that exposed just the right amount of her beautifully sun-kissed skin.

From her arms to her abs to her legs, there’s simply no denying that Mads’ body is toned to perfection.

She gave a small shoutout to her wild brunette locks in text, writing “bedhead” above a rogue curl.

She strategically held the phone in front of her face, but let’s be honest – she probably looked incredible despite having just woken up. 

Mads Lewis mirror selfie
Pic credit: @madslewis/Instagram

Still, this isn’t the only steamy share Mads has blessed the internet with lately. 

Mads Lewis stuns in powder blue mini skirt and skintight crop top

A few days ago, Mads posted a carousel of photos looking pretty in blue, but not in the way you’re probably thinking.

She stunned in a skintight powder blue crop top and matching pleated mini skirt.

In addition to the hashtag she shares with every post (#justrememberyourebeautiful), Mads also tagged the fitness clothing brand responsible for this unforgettable getup, alo.

Mads Lewis opens up about anxiety while showing abs in cropped t-shirt

Mads got her first taste of fame on before later starting a TikTok account, and well, the rest is history.

The social media sensation has a whopping 6.7M followers on Instagram, and her TikTok account boasts over 12.7M devoted followers. That’s a lot of eyes on such a young star!

Nevertheless, Mads is known for always keeping it real on social media, as seen in a recent share of herself wearing a t-shirt reading, “I am too small for all this anxiety.”

Of course, she struggles just like everyone else, but regardless of anything, Mads keeps her sights set high.

In fact, she has big dreams of someday starring in a Marvel movie as a successful actress.

Who knows, she might be the next big Hollywood actress of her generation!

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