Madonna teases fans with cheeky message

Madonna poses at the premiere of The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years.
Madonna teased fans with a cheeky message and outfit transition. Pic credit: ©

Madonna teased fans with a cheeky message that spanned two dazzling outfits.

The 64-year-old singer and songwriter started off her message with an eyebrow-raising caption that read, “I look down on all of you.” She paired the message with a photo of her looking down and smoldering at the camera.

For her outfit, she wore a cropped fuzzy blue sweater that showed off a lacey black bustier underneath it. She paired the look with some dark denim pants.

Madonna wore her hair loose and in pink waves that touched her shoulders. She also wore a necklace with a cross pendant.

Fortunately, Madonna was just teasing fans as she quickly followed up her initial message with another that read, “……just kidding.”

She managed to further mess with her fans by changing outfits between messages.

Madonna stunned in a lacy bra

Madonna looked poised and a little bit serious as she looked down at the camera in her first photo.

Madonna poses in a blue crop top and lacy undershirt in her Instagram Story.
Pic credit: @madonna/Instagram

In the second, she got down closer to the camera’s level with an expression that was hard to read behind her rectangular sunglasses.

Meanwhile, she switched from the crop top and denim to an all-black get-up. The daring outfit included a lacy bra, elbow-high fingerless black gloves, and black fishnet leggings.

Madonna’s outfit was also adorned with countless black belts, and she wore her hair straightened for this look. She also added some layered necklaces and matching layered bracelets to her outfit.

Madonna poses in a lacy bra and fishnet leggings in her Instagram Story.
Pic credit: @maddona/Instagram

Madonna also gave viewers a closer look at her lacy outfit, capturing it from all sides. The photos showed the stunning outfit was solid in the back and open in the front.

Madonna paired the close-ups of her lacy outfit with a poem from Yrsa Daley-Ward that ended with the line, “Keeping it forever sexy.”

Madonna shared a sweet birthday message with her daughter

Just days before Madonna posted her cheeky message to fans, she posted a sweet birthday message to her daughter, Lourdes Leon. Leon is the daughter of Madonna and Madonna’s ex-partner, Carlos Leon.

Madonna took to Instagram on October 14 to celebrate Leon’s 26th birthday. Her post included a video montage that captured her and Leon throughout the years to the tune of her song, Little Star.

In the caption, Madonna wished Leon a “happy birthday” while describing her pride in who Leon has become and urging her never to forget who she is.

Leon is the oldest of Madonna’s six children and has recently delved into the music industry with the release of her first album.

Madonna has a busy life as she balances being a mother and an illustrious career as one of the most iconic contemporary pop singers of all time.

However, she proved she still had time for her children by posting her sweet birthday wishes and reminders to Leon.

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