Madonna strikes a pose in fishnets

madonna lingerie
Madonna’s creative streak continued as the talented musician and entertainer debuted yet another brand new look. Pic credit: ©

Madonna treated her loyal fanbase to a new look and photos to go along with it as she struck a few poses in a sultry ensemble.

She shared the carousel of photos with her 18.5 million fans and followers, receiving double-taps and comments for the post.

The Material Girl singer worked her angles with a luxurious and symmetrical bedroom serving as the backdrop.

Madonna’s career, which has spanned more than four decades, has been quite impressive in that the entertainer has managed to stay relevant and consistently create new looks.

Madonna’s latest post was no exception, as she debuted very bright pink hair.

The colorful singer received 273k likes for her Instagram carousel.

Madonna strikes poses in lacy lingerie with pink hair

The first photo showed Madonna on her hands and knees. She looked up at the camera with her bright blue eyes sparkling thanks to the flash.

Madonna rocked a black lacy bra, matching opera gloves, and fishnet stockings. Her hair was pink and in a side part with loose curls cascading past her shoulders. She sported long lashes and bleached eyebrows as she fiercely posed.

The next picture was a black-and-white shot, showing Madonna’s shoulders to her knees. She pivoted and placed her hands on her hips as she showed off multiple belts on her top, wearing a style similar to a recent Kim Kardashian look.

A swipe right showed Madonna as she lounged on a bed with sunglasses on her face. She accessorized with multiple diamond chokers and bracelets over her fingerless gloves.

Another photo showed Madonna in an intricate black dress as she turned her back to the camera. The backdrop was different, and the picture was taken in front of a bathtub.

Madonna carried a shiny Balenciaga bag as she bent down slightly to show off her outfit.

In a move similar to Emma Watson‘s, Madonna made the caption a poem, one of her favorites, she declared.

The poem’s theme was about women’s beauty and the lengths they go to appear attractive.

Madonna’s secret to youth involves skincare

Madonna has looked gorgeous for years because she has protected the largest organ in her body– her skin.

Madonna’s personal esthetician, Tarin Graham, discussed how the popstar achieved the glow, and the secret was moisture and SPF. Specifically, Tarin recommended hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin.

She also shared the biggest skincare mistake people make.

Tarin shared, “Overuse of products that are not right for their skin type. I always recommend consulting with an esthetician or a dermatologist on the best routine for your skin type.”

Whatever Madonna is doing is clearly working because she looks fantastic.

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