Madonna shows appreciation for rap music in latest share

madonna raps
Madonna showed her appreciation for rap in a selfie video featuring lip-synching and a lot of skin. Pic credit: © Media

Madonna paid an impromptu tribute to hip-hop music with a lip-synching share while dressed in lingerie.

Madonna shared her latest expression of creativity on her Instagram for the enjoyment of her 18.6 million followers on the platform. She received 272k likes for the post and numerous comments as well.

The video originally appeared on TikTok, but Madonna reposted it on IG, increasing the potential for eyes on the content.

And while Madonna received a mixed reaction to her efforts, she certainly showed fans that they could expect the unexpected from the singer.

Madonna’s short clip began with a cut to the Material Girl rocking a sheer shirt on top of a corset.

The energetic music started with a question about being punched in the face. Madonna brought that energy to the caption, which also appeared filled with emotion.

Madonna shares a new rapping video

Madonna leaned toward the camera and stared directly at her viewers as she began to lip-sync to the song Vent by Baby Keem.

Her shirt featured a low-cut neckline, and she accessorized her look with layered silver necklaces featuring religious symbols. The silver jewelry, with a cross and a New York Yankees sign, contrasted against the dark top and added a sparkling effect. The singer was all curves as she danced to the rap song.

The Queen of Pop rocked bleached eyebrows, a trend that has been increasingly popular throughout the past year. She also sported glossy lips and winged eyeliner for the clip.

The singer’s long red hair was styled with a middle part and braids as her hair fell down.

Commenters weren’t shy about expressing their opinions regarding the post.

One commenter quipped, “Is it still Halloween?”

Another wrote, “There is zero difference between Madonna & Britney’s social media…..”

Madonna's comments
Pic credit: @madonna/Instagram

A commenter appeared to take a concerned stance, writing, “What’s going on here??? Are you okay?”

Madonna’s dancing workout routine

Although the jury may be out on Madonna’s latest video, there is no question about the benefits of cardio exercise.

In the clip, Madonna engaged in her cardio activity of choice — dancing. Madonna’s love of dance has helped her stay in shape all these years.

Madonna’s trainer, Craig Smith, revealed why dance has stood the test of time as a versatile exercise.

He told Glamour, “Dance is a great exercise modality because it is a well-balanced method that includes all of the essentials of fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, stability, balance, flexibility, and mobility.”

Whatever Madonna is doing has clearly worked for her as the pop star recently celebrated her 64th birthday.

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