Madonna freaks her fans out with ‘unsettling’ TikTok video featuring extreme closeup of her face

Madonna in her TikTok video
Madonna stunned fans in her recent TikTok video that showed the singer kissing the camera up close. Pic credit: @madonna/TikTok

Pop culture phenomenon Madonna posted a recent TikTok video that had fans feeling on the unsettled side.

The singer, 63, has become known to post similar videos to her account that feature an up-close view of her face.

Madonna posted questionable TikTok video of her kissing the camera

On Sunday, the Material Girl uploaded to the video-sharing platform to share a quick camera kiss with her followers. Madonna moved slowly toward the camera with half-closed eyes, wearing a sheer tee, thick silver necklaces, and multiple hair clips in her braided hair.

The video has racked up over eight million views in one day, and viewers have taken to the ’80s Popstar’s comment section to voice their concerns.

Watch what the TikTok followers have called “unsettling” below:

The clip was also accompanied by a radio edit and slowed version of the song Circles Bob (Frozen) by Eduardo XD.

The Hung Up singer has posted similar questionable videos to her account before. Last week, she uploaded a clip with the same up-close squinted eye look while scratching her cheek and rubbing her eye.

Fans showed concern over Madonna’s unsettling video

The singer’s followers and fans have taken to her TikTok comment section and other social media platforms to share how uncomfortable her recent video made them feel.

TikTok user @its_that_six earned the Top Comment spot with the reply, “This honestly scared me I’m not gonna lie.”

Comment on Madonna's TikTok
Pic credit: @madonna/TikTok

Another user commented, “This is completely unsettling.”

Comment about being unsettled by Madonna's video
Pic credit: @madonna/TikTok

Some people even said that the video had them feeling “creeped out.” One user wrote, “Was this to creep us out on purpose?! I proudly embrace 60 without changing me. It’s so sad.”

Comment saying the video creeped them out
Pic credit: @madonna/TikTok

Some users even mentioned Madonna getting plastic surgery on her face and shared their opinions on the matter.

A TikTok user compared Madonna to TLC Reality TV stars Darcey and Stacey Silva, who have both become known to divulge in facial reconstruction surgeries as they have aged.

Comment comparing Madonna to Darcey and Stacey
Pic credit: @madonna/TikTok

“Yikes…the fillers… I [love] Madonna, but this is terrible. Definitely makes her look crazy,” one user tweeted in regards to the changes noticed in Madonna’s face.

Tweet about Madonna having fillers
Pic credit: @proudwarrior27/Twitter

Another follower chimed in to question what has happened to Madonna over the years. “I’ve loved Madonna since I was little…huge fan…love her… but this is a hard pass… what has she done to herself?”

Comment wondering what Madonna has done to herself
Pic credit: @madonna/TikTok

A Twitter user shared the video and gave their statement – “Y’all. Madonna is not well.”

It’s safe to assume TikTok users can expect to see more similar content on Madonna’s account as long as she continues to make videos for her followers – whether the clips leave her fanbase “creeped out” or not.

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