Madonna brings Miami heat for 30 years of S.E.X.

Madonna is celebrating 30 years of S.E.X. with a star-studded Art Basel party in Miami featuring YSL. Pic credit: @madonna/Instagram

Madonna unleashed yet another captivating look while celebrating the 30th anniversary of her infamous S.E.X. book.

The Material Girl songstress headed to Miami, where well-known names like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Zoe Kravitz have also congregated in the name of artistic expression.

This weekend marked Art Basel, a gathering of wealthy and creatively-inclined people who came intending to enjoy art.

One piece of art that fans could enjoy was Madonna’s S.E.X. party for her book release. For those out of the loop, Madonna released a highly-controversial coffee table book, S.E.X., in October 1992. The book featured images of different types of people engaging in intimate acts.

Although many likely wouldn’t bat an eye if the book were released today, the literature and subsequent images were impactful with wide-ranging ramifications.

Art Basel served as the perfect platform to commemorate the work with the help of YSL creative director Anthony Vaccarello.

Madonna celebrates S.E.X. anniversary in Miami

Madonna dressed appropriately for the occasion with a black lace corset and black sequin-adorned hot pants. The singer unveiled a brand new look, courtesy of her red-dyed tresses featuring multiple braids.

Madonna shared a video that began with her holding a whip in a corset and hot pants. She welcomed the clip by exclaiming “sex on the beach,” a phrase she seemingly meant in a literal sense since partygoers enjoyed S.E.X. on Miami Beach.

The Material Girl entered the Miami space that accommodated her party, hosted by Saint Laurent, wearing fishnet stockings underneath her black shorts and striking a few raunchy poses with a YSL crossbody bag on her side.

The singer donned black close-toed YSL pumps as she made her way through a crowd, warmly greeting guests.

As the video continued, Madonna became more animated, lounging on a canopy and kicking up her legs with a flute of champagne in hand.

The share was fun and playful, and it certainly looked like a good time.

When Madonna isn’t busy striking a pose, she has a successful skincare line, MDNA.

Madonna’s MDNA skincare line

Madonna’s skincare line contains skin-enthusiast favorites, like rose water, precursor ceramides, and hyaluronic acid.

It also has some Madonna-themed eccentricities, like The Finishing Cream, which Madonna has sworn by for years. The Finishing Cream contains precursor ceramides with Holy water as a special ingredient and retails for $175.

Another luxury item, The Eye Cream, has hyaluronic acid with lotus flower extract and carries a $126 price tag.

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