Madison Beer stuns braless in bedroom share

Close up of madison beer at a red carpet event
Madison Beer shares a playful soft glam look from the comfort of her bed. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Madison Beer looked gorgeous in a brand new share as she posed from her bed and offered a smile.

The pop star posted on her Instagram, where she has a large following of 32.8 million fans and followers.

Madison posed on her bed with fluffy white pillows in the background. She rocked an off-the-shoulder outfit with the shirt looking homemade because of its uneven hem.

The singer wore large gold hoops and a matching gold chain with a dagger pendant.

Her long dark hair was straight and fell behind her back with bangs framing her face. Madison sported soft glam makeup, including glittery eyeliner and a glossy pout for the selfies.

Her caption read, “uuu showed me.”

Madison has been promoting her new song, Dangerous, using social media as a promotional vehicle. She also did a fun Vogue special, where she detailed her looks for an entire week, offering insight into her personal style.

Madison Beer reveals what is in her closet

Madison’s looks were dynamic, just like her personality– she went from a Valentino LBD to sweatpants and Princess Diana-inspired streetwear.

The dangerous songstress mixed elegant couture with dependable thrift store finds to create her weekly wardrobe.

In case fans were wondering what Madison would wear on a date, she revealed that comfort was of the utmost importance. Madison’s date night look included a yellow corset paired with vintage cargo pants. She offered a tip to vintage bargain hunters, telling them to feel prospective jeans before the purchase and make sure they were soft to the touch.

Other outfits included a trench coat with sneakers and a Gingham dress with a brown leather jacket.

Madison looked like a natural playing dress-up for the Vogue cameras. According to her, she has performed since a young age.

Madison Beer has performed since she was four

Madison has been a performer for most of her life, performing for friends and family before she went to grade school.

But Madison’s big break came when she was 13, when most were beginning the awkward teenage phase.

She told GQ last year, “I’ve been performing since I was four years old. I used to do these after-school plays where the parents would come and watch. But my first real performance in front of an actual crowd as the artist Madison Beer was Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the US Open when I was barely 13.”

Following Madison’s Arthur Ashe performance, she stayed in the spotlight, where she remained up to now at the tender age of 23. And she shows no signs of slowing down.

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