Madison Beer in towel goes makeup-free after ‘Dangerous’ release

madison beer towel dangerous
Madison Beer jumps out of the shower and onto Instagram after releasing Dangerous. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Madison Beer hopped out of the shower, into a towel, and ended in selfie mode as the songstress shared a raw photo on her Instagram Story.

The singer, who released her song Dangerous last week, has been busy on social media promoting her work.

She added some emojis to the selfie, including a bar of soap, a shower head, a sponge, and a bathtub.

Madison took the photo from the side, revealing her profile view and wet hair.

The natural beauty appeared bare-faced, without accessories, and wearing only a white towel.

She parted her lips slightly as she posed for the camera.

Behind Madison were dark tiled walls, which were wet, showing she actually did take a shower.

Madison shared the photo with her 34.3 million followers, and while fans could not comment publicly, some followers liked the post.

madison beer towel
Pic credit: @madisonbeer/Instagram

Madison Beer got discovered by Justin Bieber

10 years ago, Justin Bieber tweeted a video of Madison Beer, which changed the trajectory of her life forever. Justin shared a video of Madison singing At Last by Etta James.

He wrote, “wow. 13 years old! she can sing. great job. #futurestar.”

Ever since that fateful tweet, Madison has been in the public eye. But it hasn’t been easy growing up with criticism and judgment.

The singer opened up in a recent interview about how the constant judgment impacted her growing process.

Madison Beer talks criticism and growth

Madison recently spoke with Glamour about being thrust into the spotlight at a young age and criticized. She said, “I’ve sort of been picked apart since I was super young. I got discovered when I was 12.”

Madison continued, “So I’ve had my appearance commented on for a majority of my life, which wasn’t easy. It’s never gotten easy. It still isn’t easy.”

Madison discussed how public scrutiny adversely impacted her.

She shared, “I think that it definitely messed me up a lot especially when I was younger because in the years that I was supposed to be playing with makeup and figuring things out, people were making fun of me and saying that I looked ugly or weird or whatever.”

She concluded, “I feel like I was never really given like a full chance to just experiment with what kind of makeup I liked or what style I was into.”

However, with the release of Dangerous, Madison is trying things on her terms as she develops thick skin against haters.

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