Madison Beer gets leggy in tight LBD for outfit changes

madison beer changes
Madison Beer shares a peek into her fabulous closet and outfits for a week. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Madison Beer is changing her clothes and inviting fans along in a wholesome video for Vogue.

The Dangerous songstress did a segment for the fashion powerhouse called 7 Days, 7 Looks.

As one could infer from the title, the magazine follows around a well-known face and learns what a typical wardrobe for a week would entail.

The segment allows viewers to get an inside look into a celebrity’s style and expression of personality through clothing.

This week’s guest was singer Madison Beer, and she did just that– showing fans the different styles she rocks in an average week.

Madison’s fashion sense was as dynamic as she is. She went super glam in a little black dress and casual in a few dressed-down looks.

Madison Beer’s weekly wardrobe

The video began with Madison rocking a floor-length white robe and welcoming viewers.

She started with Monday and what she described as her tour look. She wore a white corset with a skirt which she said she rocked for her Life Support tour, which had just finished before filming the video. She said she liked corsets because of the Old Hollywood, glamorous, and sexy feel they provide.

Next, Madison stepped out in a brown leather jacket over a Gingham dress. She said she would wear the ensemble on a sunny day in Los Angeles for a trip to the flea market. Madison completed the look with casual loafers.

On Wednesday, Madison went super glam in a show-stopping Valentino dress. She paired the black off-the-shoulder minidress with Giuseppe platform heels.

Madison channeled Princess Diana streetwear for her Thursday look with a university sweatshirt, spandex shorts, and sneakers. She added glam to the look with gold hoops and a brown and black bag.

Friday featured a date night look with a baby-yellow corset, vintage cargo pants, and a mini Balenciaga bag.

Saturday’s outfit featured a studio look with a trench coat, shoulder bag, cream sweatsuit, and Samba sneakers.

Finally, Madison concluded the week with a vintage orange sweater, baggy jeans, Shearling sneakers, and an heirloom watch.

Madison wore the heirloom watch which each outfit, but that wasn’t her first big timepiece purchase.

Madison Beer talks about first big fashion purchase

Madison Beer gained fame and fortune at a young age, and like most young people in that situation, she made a frivolous purchase.

GQ asked Madison about her first large purchase, and she said, “I bought my first Rolex when I got a big deal – I forget for what, exactly, but I got a bunch of money – which I had for about four years. Then recently, when I signed to Epic, I got myself another one, which is actually my dream Rolex: a gold Daytona with a white face. They have been my big splurges.”

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