Madeleine Petsch in thigh-skimming skirt gives superhero vibes

Madeleine Petsch's face closeup
Madeleine Petch looks incredible in a short skirt in Paris. Pic credit: Best Image/Backgrid

Madelaine Petsch‘s career has come a long way since she landed the role of Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale.

The CW show gave fans a chance to get to know Madeleine as an actress, creating more interest in her personal life behind the scenes.

One of the most interesting things to keep up with about Madeleine is her fashion choices.

She recently garnered attention from onlookers at the Givenchy Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show.

The event was part of Paris Fashion Week, located annually in Paris, France.

She was spotted wearing a thigh-skimming skirt that gave off total superhero vibes.

Madelaine Petsch is known to make truly ‘heroic’ fashion choices

The way Madeleine’s ruffled skirt laid over the top of her thighs is reminiscent of the skirt Supergirl wears.

Supergirl, of course, is a fictitious character who wears a bright, red-colored skirt during her heroic pursuits.

Madelaine Petsch attends the Givenchy Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week
Madeleine Petsch models her superhero style at Paris Fashion Week. Pic credit: Best Image/Backgrid

Although Madeleine’s skirt for Paris Fashion Week was black with fabric connecting to the spaghetti strap top, comparisons can still be made.

Underneath the top layer, Madeleine sported a long-sleeved shirt with gloves that appeared to be made of a shiny leather material.

Her gloves are reminiscent of what Sailor Moon wears in her comic book stories and animated TV show.

Another female superhero known for being both beautiful and powerful is Rogue from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rogue is widely recognized for wearing black gloves made of leather whenever she’s ready to fight back against storybook villains.

Madeleine completed the look with gorgeous, sparkling gold earrings and knee-high boots.

She went for a daring makeup look with thick, black eyeliner completely circled her lids and golden brown lipstick.

Madelaine Petsch usually opts for brighter-colored outfits

Madeleine might have tricked the world into thinking she was a superhero during Paris Fashion Week by wearing dark colors. Still, it’s a lot more common to see her wearing bright colors on a regular basis.

In a recently shared Instagram post, she wore a hot pink crop top paired with matching high-waisted shorts.

She added a long-sleeved, billowy jacket draped over her shoulders for a sultry effect.

Every piece of Madeleine’s hot pink outfit matched flawlessly, except for her shoes.

She chose to wear shiny, black platform shoes with thick heels.

The straps of the heels connect in front of her ankles in a simple yet sophisticated way.

A close-up in Madeleine’s photo thread reveals the playful, pink eyeshadow palette she chose to work with for her all-pink get-up.

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