Maddie Ziegler says ‘morning’ in grainy shot

Maddie Ziegler close up
Maddie Ziegler went topless for a retro photoshoot. Pic credit: © Billy Bennight/AdMedia

Maddie Ziegler was once just a young girl on Dance Moms getting screamed at by her abrasive teacher Abby Lee Miller.

Now, she’s taking the world by storm with acting credentials added to her resume, along with a high-fashion look that gives off tres chic vibes and puts her right at the front row of all the best runway shows.

Her Instagram aesthetic has rapidly changed, too, with a much darker, edgier appearance and even bleached eyebrows.

The Fallout star added to her ultra-cool, modern profile with a grainy post in which she appeared to be taking part in a professional photoshoot with a white background.

In what looked like an old Polaroid photo, Maddie went topless with nothing but a pair of retro-flared pants that laced up in the center and appeared to be a velvet material.

Maddie crossed her arms in front of her to cover her chest and stared at the camera with a confident look that said she should absolutely be in the pages of Vogue.

Her long brunette hair was parted in the middle in natural waves, adding to the 70s flower girl energy, and her makeup was quite natural. Though she had previously dyed her eyebrows bleach blonde, it looks like they were back to their original light brown color.

She captioned the post, “morning.”

Maddie Ziegler recently starred in the coming-of-age film Bloody Hell

Maddie recently starred in the semi-autobiographical film Bloody Hell, which follows her character, 16-year-old Lindy, as she navigates her diagnosis with the reproductive condition MRKH Syndrome.

MRKH Syndrome typically presents as an underdeveloped uterus and female anatomy in women from birth.

Bloody Hell is a coming-of-age movie that sees the main character Lindy explore her own sexuality while the diagnosis derails her plans to have sex and affects her relationship with her mother.

Maddie excitedly announced via Instagram that the movie would premiere at the SXSW Film Festival.

Maddie modeled for Kate Spade New York fragrance

While she’s been busy adding film credits to her name and taking up a place at the runway shows of Acne Studios and Off-White, Maddie still finds time to do some modeling on the side.

In December, she promoted a Kate Spade fragrance, holding up two different bottles of the perfume.

She promoted the Kate Spade New York Sparkle, which comes in a 40, 60, or 100ml bottle and is a lovely soft smell featuring hints of crème brûlée, vanilla, and cedar.

Maddie also held up the Kate Spade New York fragrance that comes in an adorable pink bottle of the same sizes and features a much fruitier scent with hints of strawberry and rose.

Keep an eye on Maddie’s Instagram if you want to keep tabs on her future film projects and, of course, for fashionable outfit inspiration.

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