Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox show off the newest member of their family

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox on Instagram
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have added a new member to their family. Pic credit: @meganfox/Instagram

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have decided to expand their family just a short time after their engagement– by adopting a cat.

The newest addition to their family was recently announced as the couple showed the world their new kitten, Whiskey.

Whiskey’s fur is covered in spots similar to a leopard, and Megan and MGK wore matching leopard print pajamas to introduce him online. 

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox introduce new cat, Whiskey, on TikTok and Instagram

Machine Gun Kelly posted a short video on TikTok to welcome their newest family member. 

The video shows Megan and MGK holding Whiskey and making sounds to get his attention. MGK also showed fans Whiskey’s spotted belly. 

In the short video, fans were given a look at Whiskey’s bright green eyes, big pointed ears, and unique fur pattern.

MGK took to Instagram to welcome their new kitten as well, sharing a few photos and videos of Whiskey as he adjusts to his new home. 

The first photo shows Whiskey lounging in a cat tree, his mouth wide open in a huge yawn. The musician shared a shot of himself, Megan, and Whiskey in their matching outfits, as well as a selfie of just him and Whiskey. 

Hidden in the post is an adorable picture of MGK asleep with Whiskey curled up against his back. The post included a sweet video of Whiskey nuzzling his hand and potentially grooming or suckling. 

Whiskey’s unique markings have intrigued and captivated fans, piquing the curiosity of many.

What kind of cat is Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s new kitten?

Although the couple hasn’t officially announced what breed of cat Whiskey is, fans are pretty confident Whiskey is a Savannah cat.

According to Daily Paws, Savannah cats are large, athletic, and extremely intelligent cats. They tend to be affectionate with their owners but aren’t always as welcoming to strangers.

They are a short-haired breed that’s rather vocal and tends to be extremely playful and bold. They can weigh between 12-15 pounds and live for approximately 12-20 years. They can be rather tall, too, averaging 14-17 inches in height.

Other traits are listed as being easy to train and groom, they’re friendly with humans and other pets, and are also extremely loyal. Savannah cats tend to be territorial and have high prey drives.

Savannah cats are a rare breed that is restricted in some states. They are a hybrid breed created by breeding a Siamese cat with a wild serval. They tend to have the spotted coat from the serval and are generally considered elegant and gorgeous.

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