Macaulay Culkin’s Google Home Alone commercial is the Christmas ad we’ve all been waiting for

Macaulay Culkin in the new Google Assistant commercial
“Hmmm…this all seems oddly familiar…” — Macaulay Culkin in the new Google Assistant commercial. Pic credit: Google

Kevin McAllister is back! Macaulay Culkin revisits his iconic character from the 1990 Christmas hit Home Alone for a new Google Assistant commercial.

We first see Culkin, now 38, waking up to the same empty house that he did 28 years ago. He sits down and asks Google what’s on his calendar today. His Google calendar shows that today, December 20, he has the house to himself. “Oh, yeah,” he replies slyly. Let the fun begin!

Culkin recreates classic scenes from the movie with the help of Google Assistant, such as shaving (“Hey, Google, add aftershave to my shopping list”), decorating the tree (“Hey, Google, turn down the temperature two degrees), and even jumping on the bed (“Hey, Google, remind me to wash these sheets later”), though he does show he’s not quite as young and spry as he used to be when he realizes jumping on the bed maybe wasn’t the best idea for his now-almost-40 back.

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Even the pizza scene gets a bit of a makeover, with Google Assistant letting Culkin know that the pizza he ordered has arrived. With the help of Google Assistant’s Ring app, Culkin can see the delivery boy on the front door. “What do I owe you?” he asks. “Looks like you paid online,” the kid replies. Culkin’s response? The same as it was nearly three decades ago: to cue up the infamous line from the movie Angels With Filthy Souls: “Keep the change, ya filthy animal.”

And true to the movie, just as he’s about to tuck into his macaroni and cheese, the clock strikes nine and the burglars pull up outside expecting an empty house.

Whereas back in 1990, Culkin had to personally manipulate strings tied to mannequins and a Michael Jordan cardboard cutout to give off the impression that people were in the house, this time he has a little bit of help.

He tells Google to “Begin Operation Kevin,” and Google Assistant cheerfully responds, activating the fireplace and the same mannequins and Michael Jordan cutouts on what appear to be roombas, leaving Culkin to sit back and enjoy his mac and cheese.

Needless to say, the commercial has gone down well with the internet.

Check out Macaulay Culkin’s Google commercial below!

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