Lyna Perez stuns in a tight crop top and miniskirt for casino trip

Lyna Perez IG selfie
A picture of Lyna Perez posing for a selfie. Pic credit: @lynaritaa/Instagram

Lyna Perez made the claim that she “basically lives in a bikini” in her social media bio… and she’s telling the truth.

It’s more common to see the gorgeous model wearing two-piece swimsuits near bodies of water than it is to see her wearing regular clothing.

Interestingly enough, she posted a series of photos wearing an outfit that isn’t meant to be worn underwater unlike plenty of her other pics.

Lyna spent some time walking through a casino wearing a tad more clothing than usual, but her outfit of choice still left little to the imagination.

In her caption, she jokingly wrote, “It’s not my fault this time, casinos are cold,” poking fun at the fact that the air conditioner where she was probably on a high level.

It’s true that the outfit she wore might not have been a bikini, but it might as well have been with everything that was revealed in the shot.

Lyna Perez looks fabulous in a miniskirt and crop top

Lyna spent some time in a casino wearing a gray crop top with long sleeves and a turtleneck covering her throat. It was pretty obvious that she skipped out on wearing a bra underneath her crop top.

Since the shirt stopped at the bottom of her chest, her rib cage and flat stomach were easy to see. Lyna wore a blue miniskirt with a pattern design of small white lines intricately crossing over each other in horizontal and vertical directions.

The skirt had a small bow attached at her hip line. Lyna wore a pair of white sneakers with silver trim tied up on her feet, showing off her toned legs and calves. She had on a fresh face of makeup and wore her hair parted down the middle in smooth waves.

Lyna Perez looks gorgeous in a corset

Corset-style tops might not look great on everyone, but they certainly look fabulous on Lyna. She wore a cream-colored corset top while striking a pose in front of a mirror.

The top was strapless, which meant there was nothing hindering anyone’s view from her upper chest, shoulders, collarbone, or arms. On her bottom half, she wore a pair of white pants with pockets on both sides and empty belt loops.

The pants seemed to fit her curves perfectly. Lyna accessorized with a pair of long dangling earrings and wore a stunning face of makeup that included lipstick, eyebrow tint, and mascara.

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