Lyna Perez is a trucker babe in bikini and Daisy Dukes

Lyna Perez
Lyna Perez is huge on social media. Pic credit: @lynaritaa/Instagram

Lyna Perez sizzled in a stunning trucker babe shot as she donned a bikini and Daisy Dukes to hit the road.

The model is one of the biggest influencers, with legions of followers who love her updates and daring pics.

Lyna recently shared a post where she thanked a pal for her Twitter praise with a sensational snap that showed off her curves.

The beauty uploaded a pic where she sat on the driver’s side of a truck on a beautiful sunny day.

Her skimpy white bikini top perfectly set off her tan with a single-string tie across the chest.

Her cut-off shorts rode low, revealing perfect abs and smooth-toned thighs.

Lyna Perez in truck
Pic credit: @lynaritaa/Instagram

Lyna Perez is grateful for tribute

Lyna leaned on one hand on the driver’s seat, with the wheel in sight, suggesting she was about to head out for a day on the road.

Her look was completed with a striped Von Dutch hat from under which her long brown hair tumbled down over her shoulders with a few stray locks brushing the top of her chest.

Her cheeks were blushed red, and she pouted through glossy lipstick, which sparkled in the bright rays.

It seemed the post to her Instagram Story was in response to a friend, with text across the top of the pic reading, “Sorry I forgot to answer last time.” Below that were the words “You on Twitter is the best Lyna,” to which she had replied, “Thankyou ily.”

Lyna Perez loves a bikini

Lyna has 9.1 million followers on Instagram and regularly posts sizzling snaps.

Her profile reveals, “I basically live in a bikini,” and most of her posts are of her looking stunning in skimpy swimwear.

However, she recently shared a snap from a casino visit where she ditched the beach look for a crop top and skirt.

Her long-sleeved turtleneck and blue skirt were a far less racy look than her usual shots, which set the pulses racing.

And Lyna jokingly explained the lack of swimwear by saying, “It’s not my fault this time, casinos are cold.”

It was a fair excuse, but not one that Bachelor Nation model Chelsea Vaughn used on her recent trip to the gambling tables.

Chelsea shared a post of herself posing in front of the slots in shades and a skimpy two-piece. At least that should have raised the temperature.

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