Lul Tim claims he finessed 6ix9ine, denies making a song with the controversial rapper

Lul Tim Music video
Lul Tim appears in his music video after gaining notoriety from the shooting outside an Atlanta nightclub in November 2020. Pic credit: Lul Tim/YouTube.

Tekashi 6ix9ine claims he went to the studio with King Von’s alleged killer Lul Tim to collaborate on a song.

However, Lul Tim, real name Timothy Leeks, denies making a song with 6ix9ine or hanging out with the Gummo rapper.

He distanced himself from the controversial rapper and claimed he ‘finessed’ him for an undisclosed amount of money.

6ix9ine has been taunting King Von and his associates such as Lil Durk, and this appears to be another attempt to troll the deceased Hip-Hop artist.

Recently a King Von mural was built to pay tribute to him on O’Block. However, 6ix9ine disrespected the deceased rapper, taunting his allies for not avenging his death in an Instagram comment, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

Hip Hop manager Wack 100 claimed on Clubhouse that 6ix9ine and Lul Tim were shooting a music video in Georgia.

Lul Tim denies making a song with 6ix9ine

Lul Tim denied making a song with 6ix9ine despite the camera footage, published by DJ Akademiks, showing the two rappers in the studio.

The Georgia rapper said he was mistaken for Capstreet, who also denied hanging out with 6ix9ine.

Tim claims that he will never make a song with a rat, alluding to 6ix9ine becoming a confidential informant following his arrest in 2018.

“TF do I look like doing a song with a {rat emoji],” Lul Tim wrote on Twitter and added to his Instagram Story.

The Quando Rondo affiliate explained that he lured Tekashi 6ix9ine in the studio, tricking the rapper into thinking they were recording a song.

“That’s how you get a ni**a to think you go do the song, duh,” Lul Tim says, adding, “I reeled him in.”

DJ Akademiks says Lul Tim lied about meeting with 6ix9ine

Hip Hop social media personality and reporter DJ Akademiks claims Lul Tim lied and intended on making a song with 6ix9ine.

He also claims that Lul Tim’s ‘people’ reached out for 6ix9ine’s contact details, which Akademiks said he passed along.

Akademiks also claims that Tim discussed signing a record deal with the Gooba rapper and got permission from a judge to collaborate with him on a song.

In the response YouTube video, Akademiks claims that Lul Tim backed out of recording the song because 6ix9ine told Wack 100 about the potential collaboration he revealed on Clubhouse.

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