Luis Gomez, Univision anchor, dies after cancer battle

Luis Gomez cancer dead
Univision presenter Luis Gomez died after a cancer battle. Pic credit: Heart of Guerrero/YouTube.

Luis Gomez, presenter and journalist for Univision has died at just 40 years old. His cause of death was testicular cancer and the presenter publicly battled his cancer in an effort to raise awareness.

Gomez began his journalism career in Mexico before moving to the United States in 2006. Luis joined Univision in 2014 and became the host of a morning program on the network.

In 2017, Luis Gomez announced his diagnosis. The Mexican TV presenter documented his cancer battle with a series called Heart of Guerrero.

Univision reveals that Gomez never “lost his sense of humor” and continued to help others and affect many lives during his cancer battle. The American Spanish-Language television network also notes Luis Gomez incredible work ethic in a tribute.

“Luis maintained his commitment to his journalistic work until his last days. Despite his poor health, he showed up for work on Monday, March 25. That would be his last day I work.”

On March 29, Luis Gomez posted his last Instagram update thanking the public for their support and giving fans a health update.

Supporters mourned Luis Gomez on social media with many praising his bravery in the face of a cancer battle.

Gomez’ Univision co-host Yisel Tejeda reveals in an Instagram tribute that the late presenter was surrounded by family and friends when he passed. Tejeda remembers his sense of humor and bravery following the cancer diagnosis.

“He died next to his family and good friends. I’m going to miss him like you cannot imagine.”

Luis Gomez is remembered for his cancer awareness campaign and contributions to journalism. He survived by his wife Elizabeth.

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