Lucy Hale is in the ‘sky with diamonds’ for new jewelry collab

Lucy Hale face
Lucy Hale stuns for a new collab. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Lucy Hale sparkled and shined in a recent social media post, highlighting her bling.

The Pretty Little Liars actress shared a brilliant campaign on Instagram, where she has amassed 24.6 million followers. 

Speaking of Pretty Little Liars, it seemed like a busy day for the show’s actresses. Earlier in the day, Ashley Benson promoted her fragrance effort, ASH by Ashley Benson.

But for now, things were all about Lucy and her latest creation.

Lucy debuted her jewelry with a six-part Instagram carousel featuring pictures from her new collaborative effort. 

Each photo was better than the last, making it tough to choose a favorite piece of jewelry or image. 

One thing was certain, however — Lucy’s attention to detail. As fans would soon find out, Lucy has an expensive style.

Lucy Hale teams up with Jacquie Aiche for a jewelry collection

The carousel started strong with a picture of Lucy wearing a red satin corset. It wasn’t just any red corset, however. The garment featured mesh panels in the front, adding sheer energy to the look. 

And that wasn’t all — Lucy was dripping in diamonds from her latest collaboration. She wore multiple bracelets, rings, and necklaces in the shot, even rocking a belly chain. 

A swipe right revealed more beautiful designs from the actress, including a statement necklace featuring opals and feathers. The diamond statement necklace was magnificent, with a choker featuring multiple mini opal pendants. The jewelry cascaded down Lucy’s front with larger opals.

As Lucy lounged in a white knit sweater, appearing bare-faced and beautiful, she dripped diamonds, which complemented her skin tone. 

The collection even had a catchy name, dubbed Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, an ode to the iconic song by The Beatles.

A swipe right showed Lucy in a black blazer with body jewelry decorating her bodice. She wore multiple amethyst stones in the shape of evil eyes, warding off bad energy.

In Lucy’s caption, she was sure to tag the team of designers and creatives who helped get her camera ready.

Lucy’s caption read, “The Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds campaign by @jacquieaiche #JAxLucyJacquie I love you and all that you stand for!”

Overall, the Jacquie Aiche and Lucy Hale collaboration was beautiful and represented both parties.

Lucy Hale talks Almay favorite products

It might be hard to believe, but Lucy has struggled with acne. Accordingly, the actress grew fearful of wearing makeup that might break out her skin.

As an ambassador for the well-known cosmetics company Almay, Lucy had to promote and wear products by the brand. Luckily, Lucy found Almay items that worked for her combination skin.

Lucy explained, “If I have a breakout, or just if I have to wear makeup in general, I panic.”

She continued, “That’s why I love Almay products in general. The Clear Complexion Foundation and Concealer just got a formula upgrade. There’s salicylic acid in the products, which is medicine for zits, basically.”

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