Luana Alonso shows passion for fitness with sweat session

luana alonso in twitter selfie
Luana Alonso was a vision at the gym. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Twitter

Paraguay native and Olympic swimmer Luana Alonso showed that summer bodies are made in the winter for a stunning selfie shown on social media. 

Luana has become increasingly popular on social media as an up-and-coming athlete who already represented her country at the last Olympic games. 

She also joined the rank of college athletes taking advantage of loosened name, image, and likeness regulations for the NCAA. Other athletes capitalizing on their celebrity status include Livvy Dunne, a gymnast, and Andreea Dragoi, a swimmer.

After she competed in the Olympics, Luana came to the United States and enrolled at Virginia Tech, joining the school’s swim team. After one year, she transferred to Southern Methodist University in Dallas. 

Now in her sophomore year, Luana has explored her new campus, frequently posing from class.

Luana’s Instagram is packed with gym and pool photographs as she perfects her craft and monetizes her gains.

However, for a recent post, Luana wasn’t selling anything. Instead, she was working on gym gains, which has become a constant as an NCAA athlete.

Luana Alonso hits the gym in workout gear

Luana’s post, shared on her Instagram Stories, showed her in a luminous gym wearing workout gear. She held her phone in one hand, leaving the flash on as she captured her reflection. The flash blocked her face but created a beautiful visual with Luana’s blonde locks in a topknot on her head.

Luana sported white spandex shorts with palm tree patterns and colorful designs. She paired the shorts with a white sports top and an Apple Watch around her wrist.

Behind Luana was a large wooden door, sharing a glimpse of outdoor life. What made the picture especially unique what that there were lines of treadmills outdoors.

Meanwhile, Luana stood in front of the weight rack, striking a pose and looking athletic.

Luana Alonso
Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

The Olympian’s posts likely serve as motivation to some, even where there is no promotion involved.

In one recent post, Luana shared how a supplement helped her recover after her strength training.

Luana Alonso poses by pool for Pufa Energy promotion

Luana posed in a blue swimsuit with her school’s name in orange text on the bodice of the garment.

As Luana revealed in her caption, the purpose of the post was to promote Pufa Energy.

The product of her native country, Pufa Energy, vowed to increase strength and feature natural ingredients, including ginseng.

Her caption, written in Spanish, translated to, “How do we high-performance athletes keep our physical and mental health at peak? 🕺🏼 Supplements are fundamental, that’s why Pufa Energy is the best example, in its formula are Panax Ginseng that helps me remove stress and maintain a state of concentration at the maximum 🧠. You can find it in all pharmacies in 🇵🇾!”

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