Luana Alonso in white ensemble for mirror selfie

Luana Alonso up close.
Luana Alonso was a vision in a white ensemble. Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Twitter

Paraguayan swimmer and Olympic-level athlete Luana Alonso deviated from the norm with a recent picture.

For those out of the loop, Luana has been growing in popularity on social media ever since she represented Team Paraguay during the last Olympic games.

Last year, Luana became more well-known when she came to the United States to attend Virginia Tech and serve on the NCAA team. After one year, Luana transferred to Southern Methodist University, where she has been tearing it up in Dallas, sharing more pictures than ever.

Just like Olivia Dunne, Luana has capitalized on the NCAA rule change, posting pictures for brands.

Most of Luana’s images show her in swimwear before practice. She has also regularly shared shots of the gym, where she has spent much time as an athlete.

But Luana’s most recent post shared on her Instagram Stories looked like it was before a night on the town.

Luana Alonso stuns in white for a mirror selfie

Luana looked angelic in head-to-toe white for the mirror selfie. She covered half of her face with her phone, but her beauty remained apparent. 

Luana sported a white two-piece that looked supportive, breathable, and fashionable. She certainly hit a trifecta of positive characteristics with her outfit choice.

The Olympic athlete‘s crop top had spaghetti straps and stretchy material. The tank ended just before Luana’s waist, showing her shredded abs and navel piercing.

She paired the top with a matching white miniskirt with a slit, showing more of her leg.

Luana Alonso
Pic credit: @luanalonsom/Instagram

The swimmer smiled slightly, tilting her head with silver earphones on her head. Under her earphones, her beautiful blonde tresses fell naturally past her shoulders.

The natural beauty kept her accessories to a minimum, with a gold ring and an Olympic pendant.

Luana Alonso promotes Pufa Energy

Luana has been able to earn cash with social media posts as her follower count has exploded.

Last week, Luana chose a Paraguay-based product, which she said offered her peak performance.

The product, Pufa Energy, vowed to maximize strength with ginseng as a leading ingredient.

Luana’s caption touted the brand, writing a raving review in Spanish. The caption translated to: “How do we high-performance athletes keep our physical and mental health at peak? Supplements are fundamental, that’s why Pufa Energy is the best example, in its formula are Panax Ginseng that helps me remove stress and maintain a state of concentration at the maximum . You can find it in all pharmacies.”

At just 18 years old, fans will likely see a lot more of the talented athlete.

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