LSU’s Livvy Dunne shares afternoon greeting and jokes about injury

Livvy Dunne Selfie up close
LSU gymnastics star Livvy Dunne takes selfie for social media. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Even while injured, Lousiana State University gymnastics star Livvy Dunne has continued to have fun with fans and show some of her latest looks via social media.

The 20-year-old blonde beauty recently shared a series of snaps, including a jaw-dropping casual shot revealing her legs as she stood before a mirror for a selfie in her room.

Dunne kept her long locks flowing past her shoulders, contrasted with the black longsleeved t-shirt she wore, complete with “LSU Gymnastics” in yellow on the front.

For her latest mirror selfie, Dunne kept one knee bent with her hand positioned to her side. She wore a pair of white sneakers and black socks to complete the look.

She kept her message simple, extending a greeting to everyone following her and those she’s closer with at LSU.

“Hi friends,” Dunne said in the message on her Snapchat post.

lsu gymnast livvy dunne snap in lsu top
Pic credit: @livvy_gymnast/Snapchat

Livvy Dunne jokes about injury situation

Taking to her Snapchat, the LSU gymnast had some fun with fans as she answered questions on the mobile app. Fan accounts captured her snaps, including one IG account below.

“How many injuries do u currently have,” one fan asked, with Dunne holding up her hand, which was modified to have eight fingers along with her thumb.

Monsters and Critics previously reported about Dunne wearing a boot while still actively promoting her school’s gymnastics event to fans.

In another snap, Dunne reacted to a fan who said she was acting weird, but they liked this side of her.

“I’m quirky and different and not like other girls,” Dunne joked back with some fun emojis.

Another video clip had Dunne performing dance moves with a teammate as part of a hip-hop song played. Dunne had fun as she danced a bit in her chair in the LSU locker room, making hand gestures to go along with the lyrics.

Livvy Dunne promotes brands, including Forever 21 and American Eagle

With 3.2 million followers on her Instagram, additional followers on other social media, and the NCAA lifting Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) restrictions, Dunne can work with various brands, boosting her income significantly while in college.

Among those brands is Forever 21, whom Dunnne shared an Instagram post for last June to promote their Barbie-themed clothes and campaign.

In one IG shot, Dunne wore a white Barbie crop top with pink trim along with a pleated yellow tennis skirt. She’s got her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and is wearing pink headphones to go with pink armbands and white sneakers for a workout.

A second image features Dunne rocking just a yellow crop top and matching shorts with Barbie-themed graphics. For this shot, she donned blue wristbands, white socks, and white sneakers while stretching on a pink yoga mat. Other pink Barbie items are visible in the image, including a pink TV set and a bicycle.

“Barbie for the day with @forever21 🫶🏼,” she wrote in the caption, marking it with an “#ad” hashtag.

The LSU star is a promotional powerhouse, also working with American Eagle, another clothing brand she regularly posts herself wearing on social media.

Craig Brommers, the CMO of American Eagle, told New York Post why Dunne is an excellent fit for promoting their brand to others.

“She is an outstanding gymnast from an SEC school, but she has an authentic, optimistic persona on social media. And she looks great in a pair of American Eagle jeans. That to me is the magic we’ve been looking for as we explore this brave new world of NIL,” Brommers said.

It won’t be surprising to see Dunne land additional sponsorships and deals or even launch her own brands in the future, thanks to her athletic abilities and social media stardom.

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