LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne shows love and jokes about feet in latest snaps

livvy dunne in a selfie
Olivia “Livvy” Dunne continues her rise in popularity on social media. Pic credit: @livvy_gymnast/Snapchat

Louisiana State University’s star athlete Olivia “Livvy” Dunne continues to show love for her fans while also taking time out to poke fun at some of those strange requests she gets.

The LSU gymnast shares lots of snaps on the regular to show her latest outfits, whether she’s out for a date, showing her love for Joe Burrow, or simply dressing it down in a casual style.

She opted for the latter in several recent shots she shared via Snapchat, which were captured by various fan accounts.

In one photo, the 20-year-old Dunne gave a fun mirror selfie as she stood sideways in her room, holding her phone over her slender outstretched arm to capture the pic.

She’s rocked a thin grey crop top that revealed a bit of her midsection, curve-hugging light purple sweats, and a pair of untied white kicks. Dunne kept a smirk on her face, one leg bent, and her blonde hair cascaded down behind her in the shot.

“Love y’all,” she wrote above her slide in a cursive font, adding a heart emoji and flower emoji.

Livvy Dunne jokes with foot fans with a ‘Censored’ pic

As mentioned, LSU’s Dunne doesn’t just show love for her fans with fun snaps; she also jokes around, as she likely gets all sorts of off-the-wall requests sent her way.

That includes something other celebs, influencers, and athletes probably get asked for online random requests for foot pictures.

Dunne took aim at those individuals who seem to want to see her feet by posting a shot of herself at a pool or hot tub with her bare feet. However, only one was visible in the original image, and she stuck a black bar with white “Censored” text over it.

livvy dunne at pool with funny foot pic
LSU’s Livvy Dunne shares a funny foot pic from the water. Pic credit: @livvy_gymnast/Snapchat

In the shot, Dunne is rocking a pair of black shorts and a grey LSU Tigers t-shirt as she sits with a towel near a teammate to take the selfie. Most likely, the group was recovering from practice with a quick dip in the water, and Dunne took the opportunity to capture the fun pic.

Livvy Dunne shared her glute workout using an exercise band

As a 5-foot-6 gymnastics phenom and social media star, Dunne keeps herself in tremendous shape. She’s previously shared some insight into how she trains to stay fit.

In a video shared on her official YouTube channel, Dunne is focused on working out her glute muscles. She’s also using an exercise band to provide some resistance during the routine.

Her exercises begin with three sets of 10 glute bridges followed by three sets of squat pulses, both of which have the exercise band around her legs. Next up, Dunne performs two sets of 10 squat rotations and three sets of 10 hamstring raises.

She closes things out with 10 sets of fire hydrants to further work on her lower body before closing with, “That’s it, byeee,” and shooting the exercise band at the camera.

The exercises Dunne demonstrates above are just part of a routine that likely includes some upper body and additional core work, along with her training for gymnastics.

It’s a grueling schedule, but Dunne seems to be handling it well and enjoying her social media popularity every step of the way.

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