LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne shares stunning locker room selfie

livvy dunne attends 2022 ESPYs
Livvy Dunne continues to captivate her millions of followers and many fans. Pic credit: ©

Louisiana State University’s Livvy Dunne has shared another jaw-dropping selfie with her followers as she continues to surge in popularity on social media.

The 20-year-old student-athlete is known for her gymnastics skills and often shows off her various looks before and after events with the team. They’ll have a major competition beginning this weekend.

For the latest photo, Dunne snapped a mirror selfie from the locker room as she wore a yellow sports bra with grey trim at the bottom, with her toned abs visible, a testament to her commitment to working out regularly.

In the shot, Dunne appears to wear black trunks for her gymnastics gear, possibly part of the leotard she wore from her team’s latest event.

Dunne holds her phone in one hand, partially blocking her face for the selfie shot, while teammates are visible in the background in similar attire following their latest team event. Her wavy blonde hair is flowing past her shoulders as she rests her other arm against her hip.

The LSU gymnastics star didn’t include any special messages with her latest share but included yellow and black heart emojis on the slide to show love for her school.

Livvy Dunne showed off fresh trim as LSU team prepares for big competition

Dunne is a star across multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, where she has 3.7 million followers, and TikTok, which boasts 7.3 million followers.

She shared a quick video clip on the latter a day ago, showing off her “fresh trim” to her friends and fans.

The clip, set to Hadi’s i love Hajzah, has Dunne facing the camera with wet hair and glasses. She rocks a plunging blue top as part of her before look.

After bobbing her head around a bit, Dunne shakes the camera. Her appearance quickly changes as she no longer has glasses on and has transformed into a crop top with her long wavy blonde locks flowing to the sides. Dunne smiles as she tilts her head, seeming to enjoy her trim.


fresh trim💇🏼‍♀️ #foryou

♬ i love Hajzah – Hadi🔛🔝

As of this writing, Dunne’s transformation to show the fresh trim had over 239,000 likes and 1,800-plus comments on the TikTok video, further demonstrating the popularity of the LSU gymnast.

According to USA Today’s LSU Wire, the gymnastics team is ranked No. 6 overall and has achieved a No. 2 seed for the SEC Championships. The seeding arrived after the team’s season finale, a win over West Virginia in a gymnastics competition.

The SEC Championships begin on Saturday, March 18, as LSU competes with No. 1 Florida, No. 3 Kentucky, and No. 4 Alabama. Should LSU win the championship, it will be the school’s fifth.

Livvy Dunne shared her summer workout on TikTok

Monsters and Critics previously reported about Dunne’s summer vibe photos, including her “hawt girl walk” with a friend in Vuori attire. Summer is several months away, and the 20-year-old gymnastics star once shared a quick look at how to get in shape for the summer.

She uploaded a TikTok clip that presents several exercises for a workout without using weights. Dunne begins with two sets of mule kicks using a bar for support. She performs 20 repetitions for each leg.

From there, Dunne performs two sets of 10 per side of alternating squats where she touches the floor with one arm and then jumps and spins to face the other direction.

Additional exercises include her performing ab work combined with squats and single leg raises while lying on her back on the floor. The complete workout routine appears in the video below.

“let’s get that summer body y’all!!!” Dunne wrote in her caption, adding emojis for a pink heart and flexing arm muscle.


let’s get that summer bod y’all!!!💓💪🏼#indoorworkout #fitness #workout #gymnastics

♬ original sound – vienna

Most likely, Dunne and her teammates are using a variety of training exercises as they prep for their upcoming competition. Dunne continues to look incredible in her various fits, showing her continued commitment to her fitness and sport.

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