LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne jokes with fans on Q&A

livvy dunne shares snapchat selfie with fans february 2023
Livvy Dunne revealed the pajamas she said “Santa got her” during a fan Q&A session. Pic credit: @livvy_gymnast/Snapchat

Louisiana State University’s Livvy Dunne is known for her gymnastics skills and massive social media following, where she interacts with fans regularly.

When not promoting LSU gymnastics, the 20-year-old student-athlete also takes time to answer fan questions via various platforms.

Based on content shared by a fan account, Dunne recently took to Snapchat, where she shared snaps of herself wearing a purple pajama set featuring silky shorts and a top resembling lingerie.

Dunne shared one image joking that she needed to clean her mirror in the room as she knelt on the floor, revealing parts of her toned legs, with phone in hand to capture a mirror selfie.

A second slide below had a fan requesting a “Fit Check” with Dunne revealing the “cute lil jammy set Santa got me.”

In additional slides, she said that “maybe” she has a dog while keeping a “Censored” text over her feet in the standing selfie, and thanked a fan who told her she was “pretty.”

She responded, “thank you Paige! I’m sure you’re beautiful as well from what I can see of ur Bitmoji.” Dunne made a half-heart with her hand and completed the shape with an on-screen red mark.

The majority of Dunne’s snaps featured the blonde beauty with her straight locks flowing past her shoulders to go with thin brows and lashes, as well as a light lipstick or gloss.

Dunne is never one to shy away from having fun with her fans, and she proved that with another snap where a fan asked about her technology of choice.

“What kind of phone do you got?” someone asked the LSU gymnast.

Dunne, holding what appeared to be a tablet, replied with “iPhone 4s” as a joke, sharing her response with a standing selfie in her pajamas.

livvy dunne q&a selfie
Livvy Dunne jokes with her fans. Pic credit: @livvy_gymnast/Snapchat

Livvy Dunne has a valuation of $3.3 million thanks to NIL

According to a report via Gator Sports, Dunne is considered one of the rare exceptions in terms of making serious revenue off Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). She has amassed a large following on her various social media platforms, which allows her to get lucrative sponsorships, endorsements, and partnerships.

Gator Sports indicates she has an “On3 valuation of $3.3 million” and ranks sixth among all college athletes.

Based on details from Icon Sports, Dunne has been able to capitalize on American Eagle, Vuori, Planfuel, and Bartleby’s multi-year NIL deals with her. GrubHub, EA Sports, and TooFaced Cosmetics are among the brands she’s participated in “one-off deals” with, adding to her earnings.

However, Gator Sports also indicates her popularity has brought its share of issues, including a need for increased security at gymnastics events she attends due to legions of loyal fans.

Livvy Dunne promoted Bartleby for help with studies

As mentioned above, Dunne’s promotions have included Bartleby, which she shared a TikTok video ad about in 2021.

The 33-second clip had Dunne narrating how their various services assist her with her studies amid a busy schedule.

In the video, Dunne opened with, “Do you need a study buddy? Well, me too,” as she’s read a textbook under a cozy blanket.

“It can be hard to balance schoolwork while I’m also busy with gymnastics, social media, and life,” she said, adding, “That’s why this school year, I’m using Bartleby.”


#ad study with me & @bartleby this semester – get your first month free (link in my bio 😉) #bartleby #ad

♬ original sound – Olivia Dunne

She talked about what Bartleby offers, including showing she can take a photo of a math problem and get the solution. She said it also helps with her “writings and citations.”

“It also has over 500 textbook and homework solutions,” Dunne stated about the service.

Bartleby is a “student success hub” created by Barnes & Nobles Education, Inc. that offers learning, writing, and research assistance on its platform.

Students can access millions of textbook solutions for problems, search a Q&A library, or get help from “subject matter experts on standby 24/7.”

The platform can also find mistakes in one’s writing and build better writing habits. It can also “transform okay papers into stellar ones” with similar features to the popular Grammarly service.

Lastly, it can help jumpstart a student’s paper with research, as they can look over other student-penned assignments to spark their creativity and get their writing started.

It’s unknown what sort of deal Dunne has with Bartleby, but the educational assistance makes a ton of sense to promote to the many college students following the LSU gymnast on social media.

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