LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne is ‘officially freezing’ after taking cold plunge

livvy dunne selfie on ig
Livvy Dunne got “cold tub ready” and took the freezing plunge as part of her recovery efforts. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Louisiana State University gymnast Livvy Dunne recently brought fans with her as she took the cold plunge, an essential component of her recovery as a hardworking athlete.

The 20-year-old student-athlete shared a variety of images of herself as she wore a maroon or purple color Nike Jordan brand sports bra.

She had that paired with tiny purple curve-hugging trunks with gold designs on them in a pattern, possibly representing her LSU Tigers.

Dunne kept her hair away and back in a ponytail, carrying a white towel with green graphics on it as she showed she was “cold tub ready.”

In another image, Dunne shows herself “fully submerged” as she sits in the corner of the tub, looking like she’s shivering. Two other people are standing in the tub with their faces off-camera.

“officially freezing,” Dunne wrote on another image she shared on her social media, as she snapped a full-body mirror selfie while clutching her towel in one hand and phone in the other.

Livvy Dunne takes the cold plunge in a series of snaps

A final image has Dunne holding her phone away from her body to capture a mostly sideways view as she walks past a wall featuring gymnastics teammates from LSU.

She’s driven the point home that it was quite a chilling experience, using emoji faces to demonstrate she’s freezing from the recovery effort.

However, those efforts are a necessary part of her and her team’s preparation for the postseason competition. Much like college basketball, the gymnastics squad will have its own March Madness tournament starting at the end of the month.

Dunne and her teammates are preparing for the Denver regional as part of the 2023 NCAA Gymnastics Championship. The LSU Tigers were revealed to have the No. 2 seed and begin their postseason competition on March 31 against No. 11 Oregon State, Georgia, and Nebraska at 4/3c on March 31.

The No. 14 seed Denver is the region’s host. According to Tiger Rag, other teams competing in their region include No. 3 Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, and Minnesota. The other four regional sites are Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, and UCLA.

Livvy Dunne’s workout efforts include ‘quick abs’ routine

Excelling in college basketball, gymnastics, or any sport takes plenty of hard work, including a commitment to training at the gym or on one’s own in the offseason. Livvy has shared more than a few videos in which she gives others some workout motivation and exercises to use.

One of those videos helped others to work on their core muscles with what Livvy described as a “quick abs workout.” In the 14-second video set to DaBaby’s Rockstar, she demonstrates each move with reps written on-screen.

She starts with two sets of 25 per side of side-to-side moves while in plank position, then follows it with two sets of 25 leg raises while lying on her back. Next, she remains on her back on a workout mat and keeps her legs straight up as she performs two sets of 30 toe touches.

Additional moves in Livvy’s routine are two sets of 25 per-side Russian Crunches and two one-minute planks to finish hitting the core.

The sacrifices of hard work and taking cold plunges seem well worth it for the gymnast and social media star. Livvy has achieved a high level of fitness as part of her gymnastics journey and continues to look incredible in various fits on her social media!

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