LSU gymnast Haleigh Bryant makes history with perfect ten performance

haleigh bryant selfie
Haleigh Bryant wowed audiences with an athletic performance. Pic credit: @_haleighbryant/Instagram

Move over Livvy Dunne because her teammate Haleigh Bryant is making and breaking records for the LSU Tigers.

Although Livvy’s popularity off the mats remains unrivaled, Haleigh has continued to bring the heat on the mats.

While Livvy has been sidelined with an injury, Haleigh has been performing to her full potential, including a recent routine that received a lot of praise.

Haleigh shared a video of her magnificent feat on her Instagram in a joint post with LSU’s athletic page. 

The clip showed Haleigh on the floor in a purple leotard as her teammates energetically cheered from the sidelines. The meet occurred at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in West Virginia, where the ladies wrapped up the regular season.

The energy was palpable because Haleigh was close to achieving a new record for the LSU Tigers.

Haleigh Bryant breaks LSU record with three perfect tens in a meet

As Nola reported, this performance was important for a few reasons. First, Haleigh’s was the final floor exercise routine of the 2023 regular season. Secondly, the stakes were higher because Haleigh had just finished two perfect ten vaults in a row, followed by a ten on the uneven bars. 

For those unfamiliar with gymnastic scoring, a perfect ten is indicative of a flawless performance. Therefore, the scores have historically been rare.

As shown in the video, Haleigh completed her floor routine with a perfect ten, which made her the first gymnast to accomplish three tens in a meet.

The record-breaking performance allowed the Tigers to persevere against West Virginia for an epic conclusion to an exciting year. Haleigh finished her routine and was immediately swarmed by supportive teammates proud of the new record-holder.

The caption read, “The final moments before @_haleighbryant made history.”

Haleigh has used her LSU platform to snag influencing deals like her NCAA colleagues.

Haleigh Bryant promotes Bumble

One company that secured Haleigh’s services was the dating service Bumble. Bumble has historically catered to women, allowing them to take the reigns in the dating world. The app also expanded its reach to include networking features for career-oriented users.

Additionally, Bumble has implemented safeguards and security features into its services to create a safe space for women. The dating app has been especially popular amongst young people.

As a college student, Haleigh was the perfect ambassador for the company.

She shared a three-part carousel on Instagram, striking a pose and looking fierce.

Haleigh’s caption read, “bumble is prioritizing safety with birdie! With extra privacy settings, photo verification, and more you can rest assured that swiping is extra safe! #bumblepartner.”

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