Love Island USA’s Cashay Proudfoot gives tips on growing out a buzz cut

Cashay Proudfoot flashes her pearly whites in a picture.
Cashay Proudfoot smiles for a lovely selfie. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Reality TV lovers have been introduced to Cashay Proudfoot after her appearance on Love Island USA.

The reality TV show was designed to help good-looking young adults find love with other people who are on the same page about the dating world.

Finding love on the show isn’t always a realistic turnout for contestants who show up, but gaining notoriety on social media typically always is.

Cashay Proudfoot is a self-proclaimed dancer, actor, and twerk enthusiast who now also classifies as a reality TV star and social media influencer.

She recently shared a picture on her Instagram Story giving other people advice about how to handle their hair care processes.

Not long before that, she shared a silly shot enjoying some good food while representing two brands she is connected to right now.

Cashay Proudfoot shares hair growth advice

Cashay posted a picture of herself looking absolutely stunning while lounging in a bubble bath and wearing sultry lingerie. She wore a matching bra and underwear set made of white lace.

The Playboy logo and name were branded on the top and bottom. Since the lace material was slightly see-through, it left a little to the imagination with tons of visible skin.

Cashay Proudfoot shares advice about how to grow out short hair.
Cashay Proudfoot soaks in a bubble bath. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Cashay answered a question from one of her fans about handling the hair growth process from a buzz cut. She wrote back to her fan by saying, “I think the trick is finding styles and fun ways to play that continue to make you feel feminine and confident.”

She went on to explain that protective styles can be really helpful as she wears her natural hair more often. She also made sure the fan felt validated by letting them know that she related to their struggle in dealing with an awkward hair length.

Cashay Proudfoot shouts out SNF on NBC

Cashay posted a hilarious picture of herself chowing down on a hot wing with a tall glass of beer in her hand. What made the picture even funnier was the fact that she was dressed up in a fancy dress while eating the bar food.

The top of her dress was covered in white frilly material, while the bottom was slick, shiny, and black. Cashay accessorized with a pair of dangly earrings that appeared to be covered in many crystals and gems.

She mentioned SNF on NBC and her caption, which is dedicated to Sunday night football. She also mentioned The League, which is a dating app for overly ambitious individuals who want to date other people on the same page.

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