Love Island USA star Cashay Proudfoot shares gratitude amid growth

close up of cashay proudfoot's face
Cashay Proudfoot shares her feelings with Instagram followers. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Cashay Proudfoot remains popular after appearing on Love Island USA back in 2021, followed by The Challenge USA.

In an Instagram Story posted recently, she reshared a fan’s positive words and thanked her supporters for their kindness saying, “I love this message a lot. Whenever you guys point out certain things it always makes my heart smile.”

Posing in the back of a taxi cab she looked stunning, rocking an auburn wig with bangs.

Cashay wore a silver minidress, loosely draped over the chest, with a halter-neck top, and a black leather jacket over her shoulders. Her long legs were encased in incredible thigh-high silver sequinned boots. And she showed off immaculately manicured nails in a natural shade.

Her wide smile demonstrates how happy and content she is at the moment.

With encouragement like this from her fans, she clearly feels blessed with life and is not worried at all about being single.

cashay proudfoot in back of a taxi cab
Cashay looks happy as she poses in the back of a taxi cab. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin ‘Cinco’ Holland

Reality star Cashay, previously dated her Love Island co-star, Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr before they competed on The Challenge USA together, with Cashay admitting she thought she would marry him.

After meeting on Love Island, the couple attempted a relationship, but split in early 2022, with Cashay claiming that they mutually agreed to separate.

Even though she didn’t get the long-term relationship she was hoping for from Love Island, Cashay definitely found a lifetime friend in Shannon St. Clair, who helped her through the breakup with Cinco.

And now Cashay appears to be living her best life, with an Instagram feed full of body positivity, festival fun with friends, and having fun on the beach.

Cashay’s fitness regime

It’s no wonder that Cashay has such an enviable figure as she keeps fit with workouts like Josh Goldy’s HIIT Saturday circuits and stays trim by eating a diet mainly consisting of chicken, shrimp, rice and vegetables, as outlined in her Instagram post: What I Eat In A Day.

Clearly she is feeling much more body confident than she did as a teenager and is happy to share her feelings with her fans.

screenshot of cashay's instagram comment
Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

It’s clear to see that she has a great relationship with her social media followers and is a great ambassador for having a healthy attitude towards diet and fitness.