Lourdes Leon stuns in plunging spandex with Trinity Vigorsky

Lourdes Leon gazes into the camera.
Lourdes Leon is stunning in a black dress with a plunging neckline next to Trinity Vigorsky. Pic credit: ©

Lourdes Leon was a head-turner in a dress with a plunging neckline down to her belly button.

The black spandex dress featured a plunging neckline that went all the way down to the star’s belly button and showed off her amazing curves and abs along the way. The dress had several straps going around her neck in a halter top fashion, along with some crisscrossing over her exposed belly.

The singer accessorized with a gold chain necklace that had a large silver cross as the pendant and a silver and shiny belly ring. Her long dark hair with bangs was loose and flowed down to her waist.

Madonna’s daughter wore her makeup with long lashes, eyeliner, and pink lips. Her overall look was edgy, stylish, and ready for a memorable night out.

Trinity Vigorsky posed next to Lourdes also looked amazing in a nude-colored dress with a V-neckline and her bright red hair in a long braid. She paired her outfit with dangling gold earrings and a necklace that crossed fashionably in front of her collarbone.

Lourdes posted the photo to Instagram on Wednesday and included in her caption, “NOVEMBER” followed by many emojis. The post earned well over 30,000 likes.

Lourdes Leon doesn’t have a specific goal

Lourdes opened up to Interview magazine about her future plans, and how she’s figuring out what she may want to do.

“I don’t have a specific goal. I probably should,” the artist said. “Financially, modeling is a smart decision. I enjoy being very hands on with the campaigns I do, so that I’m not just modeling, per se. I dance, I have a very specific sense of style, and I’m interested in aesthetics, so I like to incorporate all those parts of myself into my projects.”

Lourdes went on to say that she’s not sure how she feels about acting and would possibly prefer a role that’s similar to who she already is. She also said that while she can sing, she doesn’t care about it.

Lourdes may not have a goal right now, but that’s okay, and she seems to be doing quite well for herself as she learns more about what she wants.

Lourdes Leon stars in a music video

Lourdes may not feel passionate about singing, but she certainly is good at it. She starred in a music video where she sang with her beautiful voice toward the camera.

In the video, Lourdes wore a bright red leotard, and her hair was in two looped braids. She looked incredible and absolutely stole the show in the video.

Lourdes posted the music video to Instagram, which has earned over 17,000 likes.

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