Lori Harvey says pale gold Chanel bikini is ‘for the aesthetics’ and her fans can’t get enough

Lori Harvey model photo
Lori Harvey has been on a whirlwind romance with superstar actor Michael B. Jordan. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Admedia

Lori Harvey is living her best life on vacation in The Bahamas, and she modeled some of her favorite designers.

The 25-year-old model relaxed on a luxurious yacht in a pale gold Chanel swimming top with the brand’s iconic interlocking ‘C’ logo in full display.

She paired the fashionable top with matching bikini bottoms along with a Chanel headscarf to complete the look.

In addition, Harvey rocked some elegant jewelry to match the outfit: a gold watch, thin gold hoop earrings, and gold ankle jewelry as she glistened in the sun.

Fans react to Lori Harvey’s Chanel drip

The model shared the Instagram post in which she models the Chanel outfit with the following caption: “for the aesthetics ✨.”

The gorgeous model got a huge reaction with a plethora of heart-eyed emojis from some of her 4.2 million followers.

“You’re so perfect girl,” one comment read

“Vacation Lori is my fav Lori ??” a fan page dedicated to the model added.

Another commenter said the model looked like a delicious breakfast pastry, adding:

“Lookin like a buttered croissant,” the person wrote.

Pic credit:@loriharvey/Instagram

Harvey showed off her amazing washboard abs and sculpted legs in a colorful bikini body in a follow-up Instagram post.

Lori Harvey turned 25 on January 13 and has enjoyed a long vacation as her father Steve turned 65 a week after on January 17.

She completed the look with a cowboy hat and opened button pink shirt. The string bikini set showed off her ample cleavage and perfect body with the clear blue beach water in the background.

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are still going strong

Creed star Michael B. Jordan joined the Harvey family on vacation to celebrate her 25th birthday. He shared a video of the family enjoying some beach football. In the caption, he added:

“Happy B-Day to my turtle?My favorite Patna in crime ??”

The notoriously private actor also shared a post of the couple welcoming the New Year.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jordan explained why he decided to go public with Harvey.

“There’s a premeditated planning of staying out of the way [of the public eye] that sometimes kills spontaneity and intimacy. I wanted to take that away and give this the best chance it had, in this weird world that we live in, to be somewhat normal, ” the 34-year-old actor said, continuing:

“Long story short, I think it’s just the timing of everything. It was the right time for me,” he reportedly said while  smiling, adding: “Yeah. I’m happy.”

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