Loren Gray stuns in cute crop top for bedroom selfie

Close-up of Loren Gray's face.  Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency
Close-up of Loren Gray’s face. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Social media starlet Loren Gray is thought of as a total showstopper with a huge number of followers.

Her stunning good looks make people stop and stare when she dresses up in gorgeous dresses and fancy gowns.

When Loren is gearing up to hit a red carpet event, it’s safe to say she kills it every time.

Even when she’s wearing a simple and casual outfit, though, the results remain the same.

Loren recently shared a picture of herself chilling in her bedroom, highlighting the simplicity of her everyday fashion choices.

Her simple bedroom selfie in a graphic design crop top reminds the world that she’s gorgeous as ever, regardless of how lavish her clothes might be.

Loren Gray looks stunning in a colorful crop top

Graphic design T-shirts don’t always come in crop top form, but Loren is certainly the type to pave the way with new fashion statements and trends.

In her Instagram selfie, she snapped a pic staring at her bedroom mirror in a shirt covered in animated alien and monster imagery. The thin strap of a bralette or cropped tank top casually crosses over her shoulder.

Loren Gray posing for a selfie in her bedroom
Loren Gray posing for a selfie in her bedroom. Pic credit: @LorenGray/Instagram

She wore her blonde hair parted in the middle with a few strands framing her face. Her makeup looked gorgeous as she went with tinted brows, lashes, blush, and neutral nude lipstick.

In terms of jewelry, Loren skipped out on necklaces and bracelets for this particular look. Her gold hoop-shaped earrings were still visible, though.

Loren Gray braless in white sundress in Europe

Loren’s bedroom selfie is as stunning as ever, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t always spending time inside her house.

In another photo thread she posted during the fall, she was vacationing in Rome, wearing a charmingly beautiful white dress. The sundress suited her perfectly with ruffles in all the right places and thin spaghetti straps.

She wore white sneakers with silver designs and a big white bow tied to the back of her hair. The one piece of jewelry she made sure to wear that day was a small necklace that added a sophisticated flair to her overall appearance.

Loren’s long blonde hair flowed around her face effortlessly, and her makeup looked immaculate.

She kept her caption on the pictures to the point by simply writing, “When In Rome.”

There’s a reason so many women look up to Loren when it comes to makeup and fashion inspiration –– she’s completely enchanting.

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