Loren Gray shows off physique in black tank top and red bra

Loren Gray smiles for the camera
Loren Gray looks stunning smiling for the camera. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Loren Gray is one of the most gorgeous social media personalities out there.

Besides her immense presence on platforms like TikTok or Instagram, Gray is also a singer who is getting ready to release her debut studio album.

But in the meantime, she decided to leave all of her fans breathless by posting a video showing off her incredible 2000s-inspired outfit.

She started off by putting on a red lace bralette that could be seen underneath the black tanktop she layered on top, which had a skull and angel wings in the middle of her chest.

Gray also put on a loose-fitting pair of washed-out denim blue jeans.

She accessorized this piece of clothing by putting on two silver belts, one was a chain of circles, and the other one was a thick cowboy belt.

Loren Gray shows off her 2000s-inspired outfit

For jewelry, she opted for a chain silver necklace, some dragon earrings that matched the ring that adorned her fabulous white manicure, as well as a watch and some bracelets.

Her long blonde hair was styled straight and fell flawlessly over her shoulders. Her makeup, on the other hand, had a dramatic eyeliner wing and a glossy nude lip.

The American social media personality posted this story on her Instagram with the caption, “fit check.”

Loren Gray talks about her latest single Piece of Work

The 20-year-old is getting ready to take over the music industry by releasing her debut studio album.

She released her first solo independent song, Piece of Work, back in July 2021 after departing from Virgin Records and Capital Records and becoming an independent artist.

She spoke with EUPHORIA magazine about this track as well as her new musical era now that she is the one calling the shots and not a record label. The singer admitted to having recorded this specific song several times because it was planned to come out a few times, but it never did, even though she originally wrote this song when she was just 17 years old.

To this, she said, “I’ve always felt like it was my strongest song, and I never understood why it wasn’t out. Obviously, now we have a lot more that’s in the works, a lot more in the vault since I did my last writing camp independently.”

There is still no date yet of when she will release her album, but Gray keeps teasing this project a lot on her social media. All that there is left to do is wait.

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