Loren Gray shows off incredible abs in crop top

Loren Gray posing for the camera
Loren Gray looks incredible with a yellow inner corner. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Loren Gray looks fabulous in a crop top.

The American social media personality, famous for her TikToks and beauty, looked both comfy and fashionable in a recently shared picture.

Gray took a mirror selfie, showing off her incredible abs and outfit for the day.

She put on a grey crop top with red letters for a pop of color. Underneath, a bit of a lace bralette was visible.

She paired the crop top with a pair of flared baby blue jeans adorned with a very 2000s silver diamond thick belt.

For shoewear, she opted for a pair of white and light green sneakers.

Loren Gray stuns in crop top and jeans

Gray made sure to elevate the look by putting on a lot of accessories.

Besides the belt, she has on a silver necklace, as well as bracelets, a watch, and a couple of rings.

Of course, her fresh and polished manicure didn’t miss.

She let her blonde hair down in loose waves with a lot of volume.

Lastly, a black and white purse hung from her shoulder, completing the look.

The TikToker shared this picture on her Instagram, which now has over 23 million followers.

Loren Gray takes a mirror selfie
Loren Gray shows off her chic outfit in a mirror selfie. Pic credit: @loren/Instagram

Loren Gray talks about her single Piece of Work

Loren Gray has entered the music industry.

Not only was she the most followed person on TikTok from 2019 to Match 2020, but in 2021 she signed to Virgin Records and Capitol Records before parting ways with them and becoming an independent artist.

Her first solo independent song is titled Piece of Work, which she released in mid-2021. She then released a music video for the song where she stuns in various outfits in a car repair shop. Gray told Euphoria Magazine about the inspiration behind this video, “I was definitely heavily inspired by Christina [Auguilera], Pamela Anderson, Transformers Megan Fox, specifically, in the video. And I have a lot of dance background, so sort of incorporating that as well.”

Now working as an independent artist, Gray is the one to call the shots. She wanted to incorporate some dancing into the video to be like the ones she used to watch when she was younger. In the song, the 20-year-old expresses how comfortable she is in her sexuality and herself as a grown woman and who she wants to be as an artist.

Watch Loren Gray’s single Piece of Work on YouTube.

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