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Lola Consuelos shows off incredible bikini body under ultra-sheer cover

Lola Consuelos selfie.
Lola Consuelos is vibing in the wind as she wears an ultra-sheer coverup over a bikini. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Lola Consuelos is pulling out all the stops to help promote her newly-released song.

With a bit of help from her famous parents, Lola is well on her way to being a best-selling artist.

The daughter of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos has been eager to get her music out for all to hear, and earlier this month, that dream became a reality.

She worked hard on Paranoia Silverlining, and her family has her back all the way.

Kelly has been amping up her daughter for weeks, and she is now getting into sharing her music on all platforms.

While Lola has been a bit on the shy side, it seems she is coming out of her shell and showing off for the world to see.

Lola Consuelos shows off bikini body

While promoting Paranois Silverling on TikTok, Lola Consuelos was bikini-clad.

Typically Lola tends to shy away from the spotlight, especially when posting selfies or anything that solely focuses on herself.

In the TikTok video, Lola stands on a porch as her ultra-sheer coverup blows in the wind. Viewers get glimpses of her black bikini underneath.

It gives off music video vibes and was clearly part of a photo shoot, so something is in the works for Lola.

Lola Consuelos has super supportive parents

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are very supportive of their children. Lola Consuelos is the middle child, with Michael Consuelos being her older brother and Joaquin Consuelos being her younger brother.

She chose not to follow in her parent’s footsteps in acting but instead used her voice as singing is her passion. With Paranoia Silverlinging out, she has plenty of support from her famous mom and dad.

Kelly often shares clips on her Instagram stories to help promote Lola. One recent example was when Lola posed in a green swimsuit to help promote her new song.

It’s been a long-time passion for Lola, and seeing her music used and listened to is exciting. She has plenty of support from her followers and fans, but having her family behind her is most important.

Being shy and elusive will no longer work for Lola Consuelos, especially as she promotes her music on all social media platforms. Paranoia Silverling is her first step into the music world, and so far, she is killing it.