Logan from Floribama Shore: His full name, Instagram, and everything else you need to know

Logan Fairbanks fought the Floribama Shore crew at No-Name. Pic credit: MTV
Logan Fairbanks fought the Floribama Shore crew at No-Name. Pic credit: MTV

When Floribama Shore returned for the second time around, Kortni Gilson revealed she had a boyfriend. Logan Fairbanks made waves on Season 2 of the MTV hit.

Fairbanks was someone who sent up red flags to viewers immediately but it took time for it to register with her and the rest of the cast.

Floribama Shore is filmed months in advance and most of the drama happened last spring. The relationship between them slowly deteriorated as Logan Fairbanks drank more and more when he was out with Kortni Gilson and the cast.

After an intense incident between Logan Fairbanks and Kortni Gilson, their relationship was over. At that point, there was a pregnancy scare.

Luckily, Gilson wasn’t pregnant and she could easily just remove Fairbanks from her life…or so she thought! Unfortunately, it was easier said than done.

There were plenty of run-ins with Logan Fairbanks after he split from Kortni Gilson. He dropped off flowers and a rap he wrote for her while she was down in Tampa with the girls. After that, he popped up in a few bars while the Floribama Shore cast was there.

During one night at the bar, Logan Fairbanks ended up fighting with the guys from Floribama Shore. They got kicked out of the bar, No-Name because of the altercation.

The next day, Kortni Gilson went and filed for a restraining order against him. Not only did the fight happen, but Logan had been making threats to her mom and best friend while also carrying a knife on him.

Back in August, Logan Fairbanks was arrested for stalking Kortni Gilson. The incident in question actually happened back in June, but the police were unable to find him until August. Fairbanks didn’t immediately post bail and that is around the same time his Instagram account went dead.


There were only a few posts on Instagram where Logan Fairbanks shared a photo of himself with Kortni Gilson. He mentioned that she changed but didn’t talk about what he did to her and her friends. The account has been inactive since August 12, which was just a little under two weeks before he was arrested.

It is unclear where Logan Fairbanks is at the time of publication. After his arrest in August, the chatter about him died out.

Floribama Shore airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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