Lizzo shows off unique football dress with real footballs as her bra

Lizzo posing for a selfie in good lighting for her Instagram
Lizzo shows up to the Super Bowl in an outfit that features real footballs in the design. Image credit: @lizzobeeating/Instagram

Lizzo took the phrase “dress for the occasion” to a whole new level with her outfit for the Super Bowl yesterday.

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, known professionally as Lizzo, showed up to the big game with an outfit that featured quite the statement piece.

Lizzo wore actual Wilson NFL-grade footballs as part of her dress

Lizzo’s dress featured yellow puffy sleeves, with accompanying yellow lace ties down the front.

The bottom of the dress was white and had a deep v-cut design that revealed her midsection.

But the stars of the show were – obviously – the two cutouts of the real, deflated footballs that covered her chest.

According to Instagram, the singer has been known to be “extra” and live her life unfiltered – So it is no surprise that when it comes to how she expresses herself through clothing, she’ll be as extra as she wants.

“LET’S PLAY BALLS!” Lizzo wrote, in a hilarious kickoff post for the Super Bowl.

She finished the caption with, “I had too much fun at the big game today – pics brought to u by my partners at @google.”

Fans are going crazy over Lizzo’s Super Bowl-themed “fit”

Lizzo received a ton of comments about her outfit – Most of which were positive and applauded her uniqueness and commitment to the football event.

On Twitter, Spin or Bin Music reposted her Instagram photos with the caption, “Lizzo looking amazing in #SuperBowl inspired outfit.”

Another user commented, “PURR, U WON THE SUPER BOWL.”

User commented purr you won the super bowl on Lizzo's photo
Pic credit: @ayo._.kj

Fans even joked that they suddenly liked the sport only because the singer wore footballs in her outfit. One user wrote, “Ok I love football now!! Consider me a sports girlie.”

Fan wrote Ok I love football now consider me a sports girlie on Lizzo's photo
Pic credit: @anditonis/Instagram

Musician Lu Kala wrote, “The only football I’m trynna watch.”

Lu Kala wrote the only football im tryna watch on Lizzo's photo
Pic credit: @igobylu/Instagram

Lizzo is definitely known to “commit to the bit” when it comes to her fashion sense, so it was no surprise to see her wear quite a striking ensemble to this year’s Super Bowl. Back in November at a Harry Styles concert, she showed up in a tee-shirt that featured photos of herself and Harry in a heart-shaped design that said, “These are my parents – no wonder why I’m so hot!”

It is one of the things that fans love most about the pop icon, and know she’ll always go the extra mile until she feels Good As He**.

Lizzo’s Super Bowl ad made a big impact on viewers

Lizzo was featured in a Google Pixel ad for this year’s Super Bowl, “Lizzo in Real Tone.” The ad focused on the new Google Pixel 6 phone, which has a camera that specifically enhances the quality for darker skin complexions.

The ad started with the statement, “Historically, camera technology hasn’t accurately represented darker skin tones.” It then went on to show the struggles that individuals with darker skin tones face when taking photos and introduced the capabilities the Google Pixel 6 has to fix them.

The caption of the official Super Bowl ad posted by Made by Google reads, “As part of Google’s commitment to making images more equitable for all, we worked directly with a range of image experts celebrated for their beautiful and accurate imagery of people of color to build our Google Pixel 6 with Real Tone, an inclusive camera that sees and highlights all people and the nuances of skin tones beautifully and authentically.”

They finished the paragraph with, “Naturally, we then partnered with Lizzo, one of the realest and most talented artists, to empower the world to be truly seen.” Lizzo is seen at the end of the advertisement as the final person to show a photo using the new Google Pixel 6 camera.

The Super Bowl ad was accompanied by Lizzo’s new song If You Love Me – a beautiful soundtrack to the revolutionary advertisement that featured the lyrics, “And if you love me, you love all of me or none of me at all.”

The ad, which made a big impact on viewers, ended up in Google’s Top 10 list for most searched Super Bowl ads of 2022.

Lizzo's superbowl ad in the top 10 most searched ads
Pic credit: @lizzobeeating/Instagram

Lizzo even took to Instagram to show her appreciation for being a part of the commercial. She posted a story of the ad with the text, “Honored to have an #ad during the Big Game today.”

Lizzo's response to her Super Bowl ad reactions
Pic credit: @lizzobeeating/Instagram

Whether it was her bold fashion choice or her impactful Super Bowl ad, it’s safe to say Lizzo was surely an important part of this year’s big game.

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