Lizzo hits Hollywood as Baby Yoda, singer goes unrecognized by fans

Split-screen of Lizzo in and out of costume.
Lizzo shocks fans with her transformation to The Mandalorian character Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda. Pic credit:@lizzobeeating/Instagram

Lizzo went all out for Halloween, hitting the town dressed as Grogu from The Mandalorian, better known as Baby Yoda.

The Truth Hurts singer went unrecognized as she hit Hollywood Boulevard on Friday night.

Lizzo rocked the complete Grogu attire wearing a brown-colored woolen jacket, green makeup, blonde wig, and large ears.

The 33-year-old shared a video on her Instagram which shows her walking around Hollywood boulevard in the Grogu disguise.

She later hit the stage and performed at a Halloween party.

Lizzo recently released a hit single with Cardi B called Rumors which shot to the top of the charts in multiple countries.

Lizzo goes unrecognized in Hollywood

In a TikTok video, Lizzo struggles to convince observers taking photos of her because she is dressed as Baby Yoda that she is a famous singer.


Reply to @unculturedfox

♬ original sound – lizzo

“I am Lizzo,” the singer can be heard saying in the video as the observers respond, “No way!”

On her Instagram account Lizzo shares photos with fans who are unaware she is behind the disguise before striking a pose for the paparazzi.

Lizzo couldn’t help but brag about the convincing Halloween costume on her social media accounts.

“GROGU TAKES HOLLYWOOD ?,” she wrote in the Instagram caption, adding “GROGU JUST WANNA SAY… LAST NIGHT IF U SAW GROGU… NO YOU DIDNT.”

The Grammy-winning artist finally shared a photo dump from her evening in The Mandalorian costume.

She is seen sipping a drink from a bowl, posing in front of a pizza stand, and striking poses for the camera.

In the Instagram caption, Lizzo jokes about using the Jedi memory rub technique:

“A representative from Grogu’s publicity team has issued a statement regarding the paparazzi photos taken last night: ‘Grogu aka Baby Yoda aka The Child has no recollection of these events. In fact, these events never happened *jedi hand wave*’”

Lizzo is obsessed with Baby Yoda

During an interview on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show, Lizzo revealed that she is obsessed with Baby Yoda, revealing she believes she has the largest collection of Grogus, including a life-size plush.

“Do y’all see the Baby Yodas? He’s just cute to me; there’s something about Baby Yoda.”

When asked if fans send her Baby Yodas, she continued, “I have so many friggen Baby Yodas. I got one the size of me…. I don’t know who’s sending it at this point, but I’m grateful.”

Lizzo reveals she discovered Grogu from the ‘Baby Yoda Turns On the Music’ meme after someone made one for her song Good as Hell.

Lizzo performs as Baby Yoda

Lizzo attended and performed at Spotify’s Ghost Town Halloween Party in West Hollywood dressed as Grogu.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the party was hosted by Obsessed podcasters Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone, and she performed her hit single Truth Hurts.

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