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Lizzo at Lakers game: Thong twerking singer surprises Staples Center crowd, internet reacts to viral video

singer lizzo at the lakers game at staples center
Singer Lizzo at Timberwolves vs. Lakers game in Los Angeles. Pic credit: @timberwolves/Twitter

Social media is going wild after seeing Lizzo at the Lakers game last night.

The singer behind the hit Truth Hurts wasn’t there as an on-court performer but instead, gave a performance from the sidelines.

She was revealed more than some viewers may have anticipated and now, people on Twitter are reacting to Lizzo’s thong twerking at Staples Center a day later.

Lizzo dances in a thong in the crowd at Lakers game

Lizzo’s twerking with thong on display came during a Laker Girls routine. The NBA dance team was performing to Lizzo’s song Juice, which gave the singer reason to dance too.

Here’s a video of the Staples Center viral dance as someone gets a shot of Lizzo on the big screen hanging up above. A girl is heard exclaiming, “Her whole a– is out!”

The video footage has since gone viral, showing the Grammy-nominated singer spinning and shaking at the Lakers game last night. The singer’s backside was hanging out in a thong during the impromptu crowd dancing, which has led to a lot of people reacting on Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere. Some are defending the singer, others are denouncing her antics.

That includes this video showing Lizzo as she dances, followed by a throwback clip from recent Lakers history with Kobe Bryant seemingly leaving the game with his two young daughters.

“Enjoy yourself girl,” a commenter said on the Instagram post above.

Another IG commenter took a different stance, calling it “utterly classless” for the singer.

Yet another said, “She is a beautiful young lady. Sad you have to do something like that to make yourself feel good about yourself. This society accepts anything and everything.”

Comments on Twitter brought a range of opinions about whether it was okay for Lizzo to do what she did and if it even warrants any criticism.

Basically, it’s caused plenty of arguments to break out across the Twittersphere and also led to this clever post.

Singer’s recent success, body image discussions

The singer may have once again put her name on the radar for many who may not already have heard of her.

Lizzo has been making music for years, but it was her recent song Truth Hurts that went viral thanks to the TikTok app and the Netflix movie Someone Great. All of that helped to eventually give Lizzo her first-ever top 10 hit earlier this year. Now she’s got a number of Grammy nominations for various music heading into 2020.

She’s also strived to be a positive spokesperson and role model for embracing your body image. She talked to VICE about it in an interview regarding her music video for My Skin.

“‘Body shaming and hateful, stereotypical slurs are flippantly exchanged on social media and youtube comments,” Lizzo said regarding the topic and her video addressing it. “This video will be seen, scrutinized, laughed at, hated, loved, but most importantly appreciated.”

One has to wonder if those same sentiments apply to her latest Staples Center video that’s since gone viral. The singer was amongst top Twitter trends on Monday with over 200,000 tweets about her.

Lizzo also revealed her NBA crush during Lakers game

The singer wasn’t just dancing at the Timberwolves vs. Lakers game, but also crushing on one of the players there.

While it was a home game for the Lakers, Lizzo admitted she wasn’t there to check out any of the Los Angeles players. It’s no surprise she’d root for the visitors as Lizzo mentioned her move to Minnesota back in 2011 was a great decision.

Lizzo admitted, “I’m personally cheering for 32” referring to the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl Anthony Towns, per E Online. She said she’s never met him but added, “That’s my baby!”

Lizzo went on to sing “New man on the Minnesota Timberwolves” to the tune of Truth Hurts.

Lizzo is getting a lot more attention after her twerking went viral. It even included the Minnesota Timberwolves sharing a video interview and tagging Towns to try to connect him with Lizzo. The popular singer even retweeted the video clip with a thirsty emoji to drive her point home for KAT.

Towns is the star player for the Timberwolves and is once again putting up All-Star numbers for Minnesota this season. Could Lizzo be twerking at Target Center next?

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