Livvy Dunne teases her deceiving looks in fun trend with LSU teammates

Livvy Dunne
Livvy Dunne took part in a fun social media trend with her LSU gymnastics teammates. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Gymnast Livvy Dunne teased that her fans and followers shouldn’t be so quick to judge her sweet-looking face as she has the potential to pull out her serious side if she has to.

The revelation comes as Livvy shared a social media post alongside several of her LSU gymnastics teammates who delved into the differences between their looks and personalities.

The lighthearted post comes amid the team’s current season.

Livvy has been continually sidelined, unable to participate in the team’s various gymnastics meets due to healing from an ongoing leg injury.

However, that hasn’t stopped the spunky 20-year-old from staying engaged with her team and keeping the spirit alive.

And as it turns out, of her teammates featured in the video, Livvy is the one that may look the most innocent — but that’s apparently not the case.

LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne jokes that her sweet looks are deceiving in recent trend with teammates

Taking to TikTok, where Livvy has an impressive 7.1 million followers, the stunning blonde shared a new video explaining her personality and three LSU teammates’ personalities.

Starting the video with a clip of herself, Liivvy sat poised and straight in a chair donning a sleeveless form-fitting spandex leotard.

The high-neck number featured two stripes of gold and purple encased between panels of black and deep purple material. Sparkling jewels were scattered around the neckline of the leotard and trickled down throughout the torso.

Livvy’s bright blonde locks were tied up into two messy space buns, with her signature competition-ready braids helping to keep her shorter whisps of hair away from her face.

The video’s audio revealed that Livvy might look sweet and innocent, but she has the capability to bring the heat.

“Looks like a cinnamon roll (but) could kill you,” the audio explained as Livvy went from sharing her softest smile to expressing her best scowl with the camera.

The video continued with Livvy’s teammates explaining one “looks like they could kill you, is a cinnamon roll,” while another “looks like a cinnamon roll is a cinnamon roll.” Lastly, another teammate who “looks like (they) could kill you, would kill you.”

Livvy promotes American Eagle by modeling their famous jean line

Livvy’s influence on social media spans more than just TikTok. The student-athlete also boasts 3.6 million followers on Instagram.

And with such high engagement comes potential for social media influencers, including Livvy, to partner with massive brands and act as brand ambassadors.

Such is the case with Livvy and American Eagle. The brand is well known for its clothing, including a vast array of denim styles, and Livvy seized an opportunity to work with the brand, naturally looking stunning while doing it.

In one particular post, Livvy posed in a light-washed pair of American Eagle denim and paired them with a sleeveless white crop top.

She held her hair up in one hand, taking it up and off her neck.

Over in the post’s caption, Livvy shared, “best jeans ever :) @americaneagle #aepartner #aejeans.”

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