Livvy Dunne teases date night in a fitted top

Olivia Dunne featured image.
Olivia Dunne goes on a date night. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne looked stunning as she teased a date night in a new video. 

The LSU gymnast keeps her dating life private and hasn’t publicly claimed a boyfriend. 

However, she suggested that she was seeing someone or just having fun with her followers as she looked ready to hit the town in a TikTok clip. 

The social media star appeared glammed up with her classic blonde hair styled with a middle part with glasses sitting pretty above her forehead. 

She wore a fitted tank top and accessorized with a small necklace. 

In the video, soundtracked by Drake’s song, I Like Girls, Dunne played out setting up a date. 

The text on the screen said, “what do you wanna do tonight?” adding, “be ready at 8” while she flashed a soft smile. 

In the caption, she had a message for the mysterious date, writing, “yes sir🫡 #foryou.”

Olivia Dunne is ‘chilling’ in Vuori clothing for a winter fashion display

Dunne’s torn labrum doesn’t prevent her from modeling clothes from one of her partners, Vuori. 

In a recent Instagram share, she posed in an all-black outfit consisting of a beanie hat, fleece jacket, and a crop top with matching leggings. 

In the two snaps, she flashed a smile while giving two different poses with a snowy backdrop, adding the appropriate caption, “just chillin’ :).” 

Vuori is one of her biggest partnership deals and helps her rake in over $2 million per year from endorsement deals. 

The 20-year-old is one of the highest-earning NCAA athletes capitalizing from the 2021 rule change that allowed college athletes to earn money from their name, image, and likeness.

In an interview with Today, she confirmed that she is earning seven figures and expressed her gratitude for being able to make a living while in college. 

Olivia Dunne shares her glute workout

In a YouTube video, Dunne showed her glute workout to her followers. In the video, she wore a sports bra and spandex shorts.

The athlete performed three sets of glute bridges with ten repetitions with a resistance band above her knees. 

She then went for three sets of ten squat pulses and two sets of ten squat rotations. 

Dunne then did three sets of ten hamstring raises and concluded with two sets of ten fire hydrants. 

Livvy Dunne frequently shares workout videos to motivate her followers to keep their physical health in check. She also shares dance, lipsync, and gymnast tricks to keep her huge social media following entertained.

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