Livvy Dunne talks inspiration and finding her ‘why’

Livvy Dunne in selfie shot
Livvy Dunne opened up about how she manages to stay inspired. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Louisiana State University gymnast Livvy Dunne recently opened up about how she keeps herself inspired through tough times.

The stunning student-athlete has built herself a solid following on social media, and part of her appeal comes from her upbeat and bubbly personality.

However, it isn’t always an easy ride for the 20-year-old.

In fact, while speaking with Vuori clothing, a brand Livvy often partners with for sponsored social media posts, she revealed that finding inspiration and reminding herself of what’s important is truly what helps her maintain “perspective.”

Livvy and her LSU teammates are currently in the thick of their gymnastics season.

And despite all the pressure that comes with a normal gymnastics season, Livvy has also had the added stress of healing from a lower leg injury.

Thankfully, though she found herself on the sidelines for a stretch of the season, she still managed to remain close to her team and cheer them on both on and off the mat.

Livvy Dunne shares how she manages to stay inspired during tough times

In a post on the official Vuori Instagram account, the company shared a carousel comprised of three separate shots.

The first picture featured Livvy leaping through the air. Her lean and toned muscular physique aided in her fantastic form.

With her legs and arms outstretched, Livvy held her gaze and focused off-camera.

For each of the snaps, Livvy sported a dusty pink sports bra and solid black leggings.

Her bright blonde locks were pulled away from her face and secured in a low ponytail.

The second picture found Livvy in a different pose altogether. In this particular shot, Livvy sat on the gym mat with her legs out to each side with her toes pointed outward. She used both arms to prop up her upper body, locking her elbows into place.

The final picture was a vision of pure strength as Livvy stood tall with her shoulders rolled back proudly with her hands propped confidently on her hips.

In the post’s caption, Livvy shared how she manages to stay inspired.

“Usually to stay inspired and keep going I think back to my ‘why,'” she explained. “Why I do things, why I wake up every morning and go to the gym, why I still love the sport. Just reminding myself of that ‘why’ really keeps things in perspective.”

Livvy Dunne continues to build partnership with Vuori on social media

Though Livvy is making her way through university by balancing both her schoolwork and a hectic gymnastics schedule, she’s also continued to grow her following on social media.

Livvy regularly posts content for her followers online, and many have fallen in love with her young, relatable energy.

As she continues to grow her online fanbase, currently boasting an impressive 3.7 million followers on Instagram and a whopping 7.2 million followers on TikTok, brands understand there is a business benefit to partnering with her.

Vuori clothing, in particular, has worked with Livvy for months in partnering with her to promote their ever-growing athleticwear.

And Livvy never disappoints.

In a recent share for the clothing brand, Livvy stepped out into the winter snow while sporting a matching black outfit from the brand.

Though her ensemble featured a black top and leggings, Livvy was wise enough to know it was too cold for those garments alone. Thankfully, she also wore a black winter coat and matching beanie.

“just chillin:) @vuoriclothing,” she captioned the post.

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