Livvy Dunne stuns in Wonder Woman spandex moment

Livvy Dunne.
Livvy Dunne enjoyed a superhero-inspired moment with a recent spandex look. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Gymnast Olivia “Livvy” Dunne certainly isn’t losing any of her team spirit as the 2023 season continues.

The stunning LSU gymnastics competitor has enjoyed immense success outside of the gym as an influencer, and the 20-year-old seemingly enjoys sharing her life with fans and followers online.

Although it seems Livvy has recently found herself sidelined by a leg or foot injury, that didn’t stop her from sharing multiple selfies on social media while her team prepared for some fierce competition on Monday.

LSU faced a tough rival, Oklahoma, as they hosted at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

While her mind may have been focused on her sport, Livvy took a moment to enjoy her leotard for the event.

And as it turned out, the leotard of choice wasn’t just pretty, it was also reminiscent of a certain superhero.

Livvy Dunne channels Wonder Woman for recent gymnastics competition

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Livvy shared a silly and sweet selfie giving her followers a look at the stunning bedazzled uniform.

The spandex number featured bright purple and gold hues that perfectly complemented the bubbly blonde’s silly facial expression.

The leotard included long, sheer purple sleeves and a high neckline. Deep purple panels made up the top and bottom half of the outfit, and the material glittered on camera thanks to the jewels throughout the piece.

Livvy Dunne.
Livvy Dunne shows off her Wonder Woman-inspired leotard. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy sat comfortably amongst her teammates to pose for the selfie.

She angled the camera up and away from her body to share the elaborate ensemble in its entirety.

However, the stunning leotard seemingly reminded Livvy of more than just her favorite sport, it also reminded her of a top-notch superhero — Wonder Woman.

The gold panel that stretched across her torso included an angled seam along the top that could have arguably been inspired by Wonder Woman’s iconic costume.

“Wonder Woman vibes [white heart emoji],” Livvy captioned the picture.

Livvy Dunne partners with Vuori Clothing activewear

While Livvy may spend much of her time in various gymnastics leotards and spandex numbers, she also spends plenty of her time in athleticwear outside of the gym.

That’s what made her a no-brainer when Vuori partnered with the athlete, making her a partner and sharing their brand with her impressive 3.1 million followers on Instagram.

Back in October, Livvy shared a sponsored post for the brand and looked picture-perfect in an all-black set.

The outfit included a scoop-neck spaghetti strap crop top and matching leggings. The pieces fit Livvy’s toned physique perfectly, and she posed confidently for the post.

Between her degree and influencer status, Livvy’s popularity is likely to keep growing if she continues to post engaging content.

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