Livvy Dunne strikes a pose in Colorado

Livvy Dunne close up
Livvy Dunne stunned in a super casual outfit. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne gave everyone in the Centennial State something to look at during a recent trip to Denver for the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championship. 

The 20-year-old artistic gymnast was caught taking a break from the bars, beams, and mats to soak in the stunning scenery of Colorado, and needless to say, she looked great.

Livvy transformed a pair of casual gray sweatpants into a full-blown fashion moment when she paired them with nothing more than a strappy black sports bra.

Surrounded by a panoramic view of the mountains, Livvy turned on her tippy-toes to look back at the camera, giving the majestic landscape a solid run for its money!

She wore her glossy, bright blonde locks in a low bun that mirrored the effortless aesthetic, and her makeup-free face featured a hint of a smile.

Livvy topped off the sporty look with a cute pair of black clogs and gray ankle socks.

Livvy Dunne in Colorado
Livvy Dunne enjoying Colorado. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne showed off her flexibility in a spandex leotard

Livvy sent jaws straight to the floor last week with a photo of her rocking a super tight leotard while practicing gymnastics.

The five-foot-six social media personality was in a high plank position, but she kicked it up a notch by extending one leg straight up in the air.

The extended leg reached right over her head, highlighting Livvy’s outstanding flexibility and ultra-toned figure!

She poked fun at her strange position in the photo, writing, “Act natural.”

Livvy Dunne shared a pre-training stretch wearing black undies

While Livvy is known for her insane gymnastic abilities on social media, it’s not quite so often that she gives fans a look at her pre-training stretches. 

The blonde bombshell took to TikTok last week with an unbelievable look at her sculpted physique as she bounced into a full split stretch.

Wearing nothing but black undies and a dusty rose sports bra, Livvy started slow, easing into the challenging position with a stack of blue mats supporting her front ankle. 

From there, she unexpectedly popped her back knee out, dropping into a full split as she threw her head back and dramatically arched her back.

The final result was a masterpiece of strength and flexibility, making it hard to comprehend that this was just her stretch!

“Always a good idea to stretch,” she captioned the jaw-dropping share.


Always a good idea to stretch #foryou #gymnastics

♬ Crunch – PussTenshi

Now, it’s certainly no secret that Livvy spends a fair amount of time in the gym, but she recently shared a candid video showing her typical day-off routine

Livvy got up at 5:30 a.m. to make it to a college test before heading off to Starbucks for a much-needed caffeine fix in the form of a vanilla latte with oat milk.

By 7 a.m., she was at the gym to receive treatment for her shoulder and then what she called a “literal life-changing massage,” performing a conditioning session after.

She gave her injured shoulder even more love later that afternoon, and around 5 p.m., she enjoyed dinner with her teammates.

Finally, it was time for some schoolwork and bed!

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