Livvy Dunne sticks out her tongue in playful selfie

Livvy Dunne selfie
Livvy Dunne posed for a fun selfie outside the LSU campus. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne posted her latest playful selfie, and it was clear that she was in a great mood. Her bright, infectious smile is almost always on her face, but for her most recent shot, she had a little more fun and stuck her tongue out, showing a less serious side of herself.

The gymnast, who recently returned to competitions after resting due to an injury, tagged her location as LSU, so it’s likely she was on campus either for classes or practice.

Her short blonde hair flowed down her shoulders, and she kept her makeup to a minimum though she made sure her eyelashes were long and luscious.

Livvy wore a green strapless top with a few small gold necklaces to accessorize as she sat in her car and took the photo of herself.

The LSU gymnast recently returned to Louisiana after a quick trip to New York City in which she was seen taking a stroll on a sunny day and, according to her, looking for a bagel.

After a busy weekend, it’s back to business for the 20-year-old, as her team will face off against West Virginia today at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Livvy Dunne sticks out her tongue in a selfie
Livvy Dunne posed for a playful selfie at LSU. Pic credit: livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne promoted Cactus AI to help students write essays

While things are going swimmingly for the LSU Tiger, especially seeing as she’s making seven figures a year from endorsements due to the change in the NIL Policy, she recently stirred up a bit of criticism.

On February 27, Livvy posted a TikTok video promoting Cactus AI, an artificial intelligence tool that will write essays for students.

Considering she’s currently attending school at Louisiana State University, the advertisement was met with some criticism and was seen as promoting cheating.

Livvy mouthed over the words to a TikTok sound and pointed at the camera while a quotation appeared onscreen that said, “Need to get my creativity flowing for an essay due at midnight.”

She typed in “Gymnastics is the hardest sport,” and an entire essay popped up within seconds.

She made a surprised face at the camera and gave a thumbs up.

@livvy will provide real resources for you to cite at the end of your essays and paragraphs;) #caktus #foryou

♬ original sound – Coach

Livvy’s school LSU released a written statement about the Cactus AI endorsement

The blonde bombshell has 7.2 million TikTok followers, so an endorsement on her page is sure to bring new customers in for any brand she promotes.

LSU released a written statement that asked students to be careful with such technologies, as there are major consequences if they were to get caught.

“At LSU, our professors and students are empowered to use technology for learning and pursuing the highest standards of academic integrity,” the statement read. “However, using AI to produce work that a student then represents as one’s own could result in a charge of academic misconduct, as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.”

Keep an eye on Livvy’s social media pages, as she’ll probably be posting new pictures and videos from her meet today.

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