Livvy Dunne shows off ‘pre-meet moves’ ahead of gymnastics competition

Livvy Dunne.
Livvy Dunne pairs up with her teammate for a fun show off of their “pre-meet moves.” Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne may be focused on ending her current gymnastics season with a bang, but that didn’t stop the bubbly blonde from engaging in some “pre-meet” fun with her teammate.

Livvy’s run with the Louisiana State University Tigers has been a bumpy ride for the 20-year-old.

Early in the season, Livvy found herself forced to the sidelines following a lower leg injury. The injury has forced her to sit out of several meets over recent months, though she does seem to be on the mend.

Despite her ongoing struggles to recover, Livvy’s team spirit is seemingly higher than ever as she continues to push through alongside the rest of her team.

Part of Livvy’s charm is her ability to take any moment and make it a good one. This often means Livvy can be found dancing around with various TikTok dances on social media.

In a recent share to the popular app, Livvy was joined by one of her LSU teammates for a quick dance in the locker room ahead of their next meet.

Livvy Dunne and her teammate bust a move in purple leotards ahead of their gymnastics meet

Over on TikTok, Livvy shared a brief six-second clip that found her and her teammate in the locker room preparing to head into their next competition.

With individual cubbies full of gymnastics gear behind them, Livvy and teammate Elena Arenas danced along to the popular track titled Blicky – Fresh X Reckless.

Both gymnasts were decked out in their signature LSU leotards. The deep purple spandex was complemented by gold accents near the neck. Tiny crystals were secured to the bodice of the outfits, and purple trim outlined the neck and armholes of the garment.

Livvy looked prepared to take on the competition with her bright blonde locks secured into a messy bun at the top of her head.

“Pre-meet moves,” she captioned the share.

Livvy stitches a Jennifer Lopez video to promote BODYARMOR drinks

In addition to being a killer athlete, Livvy has also built an impressive following on social media, which has all but solidified her as a bonafide influencer.

Currently, Livvy boasts 3.8 million followers on Instagram and another 7.3 million followers on TikTok as of this writing.

With such a large following, it’s unsurprising that brands would want to partner with Livvy and extend their reach online.

Back in January, Livvy partnered with BODYARMOR drinks by stitching a TikTok video featuring superstar Jennifer Lopez.

In it, Jennifer asked TikTok users to stitch her video by “Alright, tell me you go to the gym without telling me you go to the gym.”

Livvy responded to J.Lo’s prompt by showing off her moves in the gym with a bottle of BODYARMOR by her side.


#stitch with @BODYARMOR new year same grind:) @jlo

♬ Teen Snakes by Into The Music – Emil Högberg

“#stitch with @BODYARMOR new year same grind :) @jlo,” she captioned the share.

Given her immense following of over 10 million, Livvy seems like a natural selection when it comes to various brand deals, and it’s unlikely to stop if she keeps her current momentum.

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