Livvy Dunne shows off gymnast moves in tight leotard

Livvy Dunne is stunning in her tight spandex
Livvy Dunne is stunning in her tight black leotard. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne looked absolutely incredible in a recent picture as she trained in her skintight leotard.

The 20-year-old NCAA athlete has made quite a name for herself over the years as she’s been a previous member of the USA national gymnastics team.

Recently Dunne has competed for Louisiana State University in the NCAA.

The gymnast has amassed more than 4 million subscribers on TikTok, giving her one of the largest platforms for an NCAA athlete.

It has been incredible to see the young and talented gymnast become so successful in her athletic career and her rising social media popularity.

Dunne recently took to Instagram and gifted her 2.2 million followers with a special treat as she uploaded some training pictures to her Instagram Story.

Livvy Dunne has some fun in her black leotard

The gymnast uploaded a mid-action shot of herself training and shared it to her Instagram Story.

The picture included a collage of photos as Dunne seemed to be in mid-training mode as she intensely concentrated on her form.

She wore a form-fitting black leotard that hugged her body perfectly, accentuating her muscular and toned curves.

In the first picture, Dunne jumped up into the air with her hands out, forming an impressive, full split.

In the second picture, the gymnast sat on the ground, stretched out with her hands reaching out away from her body.

Livvy Dunne practices in leotard
Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

The pictures were quite incredible, as Dunne showed off her flexibility and versatility.

Livvy Dunne says hello to her 20s

In another recent Instagram post, Dunne said goodbye to her teenage years and happily welcomed her 20s.

The gymnast stood smiling as she looked away from the camera in her shiny, little black cut-out styled dress.

Dunne looked absolutely stunning and perfect for the occasion as her long blonde hair flowed past her shoulders and her eyes glistened with a shimmery eyeshadow.

She captioned the shot, “Rip my teenage years #20 🥂.”

Livvy Dunne sits on her throne

Recently after she posted her milestone birthday picture, the gymnast treated her fans and followers with a beautiful photo of herself as she represented LSU.

She wore a stunning black and sheer purple bodysuit with gems embellished all over the front.

She then sat with her legs crossed on a gorgeous velvet purple chair with golden trim.

Dunne then smiled at the camera as she held her ponytail in her hand with a gold crown placed on her head.

The picture was perfectly executed, and Dunne looked effortlessly gorgeous, as usual.

The picture was well-loved by her followers, as she received 569k likes and over 2.5k comments.