Livvy Dunne shows love for Joe Burrow on Super Bowl Sunday

livvy dunne in instagram stories selfie feb 13 2022
LSU’s Livvy Dunne showed love for her favorite quarterback during the Super Bowl. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Popular LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne shared stunning new images of herself for a Super Bowl party on Sunday, rocking a Joe Burrow jersey even though he wasn’t part of the game.

In three unique photos (below), she wore Burrow’s jersey from when he played quarterback at Dunne’s school.

Dunne, 20, donned the white football jersey with a black longsleeved top underneath. She also wore small grey shorts above her thighs, which revealed her toned legs. She completed the look with white socks and sneakers.

Dunne had her long blonde locks falling past her shoulders and held her camera phone in hand for several snaps.

She snapped a selfie in her mirror as she struck the famous Heisman statue pose with one hand positioned by her side and a leg bent.

In a second image, Dunne had her camera phone held away from her face to take a selfie of herself, eyes closed, with a group of friends gathered in the background and the game on the flatscreen TV.

A final photo had Dunne striking another football pose, which resembled a stiff arm move while navigating defenders on the field.

The Livvy Dunne and Joe Burrow speculation continues

While Livvy Dunne has never revealed that she is dating the Bengals quarterback, her love for Burrow is clearly there, based on the recent photos.

According to Marca, Dunne’s also indicated she met the former LSU QB. In addition, she shared a recent video teasing her obsession with a certain someone.

“Me… obsessed with you? Yes, yes I am,” Dunne said in her video’s caption.

“You know who you are,” she added.

Based on Marca’s report, Dunne and Burrow are represented by the same agent, which could have led to their meeting.

Burrow played for LSU from 2018 through 2019 before heading on to the NFL. Cincinnati drafted him No. 1 in 2020, and he brought the team to the Super Bowl in 2022.

While Dunne rocked his jersey on Super Bowl Sunday, Burrow’s Bengals weren’t involved in the game this year. They lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, and the Chiefs went on to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35.

Livvy Dunne showed off one of her workouts with a Body Armor promo

The blonde beauty has taken social media by storm, thanks to her viral content and performances as an LSU gymnast. She’s recently dealt with an injury, but fans still come out to see her and attempt to meet her.

As a gymnast, she keeps herself at a fantastic fitness level. She’s previously shown some of the exercises she does to get there.

A TikTok video has Dunne In skintight leggings, a white crop top, and white kicks as she works out in a small gym on a blue gym mat. For her routine, Dunne does a series of exercises, including reverse lunges with jumps, mountain climbers, and side-to-side plank moves.


Best workout buddy:) @drinkbodyarmor #foryou

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With a large social media following, Dunne can promote various products as a paid partner or via other deals. Those might include the athleisure brand she’s working with, Vuori, or sports recovery drinks. In the video above, she was promoting Body Armor with her workout.

“The fact is…I couldn’t have done this workout without…BODYARMOR,” Dunne says as she removes the cap from a bottle and sips some.

It seems Dunne is only just getting started with her young career. However, many fans are now waiting to see if she reveals who or what she is so obsessed with.

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