Livvy Dunne shares flexibility with latest gymnastics trend

Livvy Dunne selfie up close
Livvy Dunne joins a hot gymnastics trend to show just how strong she is. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Being a gymnast is no easy feat and requires a lot of strength and flexibility, so naturally, the incredibly skilled Livvy Dunne had to show her fans just how talented she is.

The LSU gymnast hasn’t participated in this semester’s meets yet due to various injuries, but those healing wounds aren’t getting her down as she hopped on a new trend to show off her skills.

For the trend, Livvy started in a split position on the floor with her back to the camera before lifting her whole body up on her arms and straightening out her legs to stand entirely upside down.

The finishing move was a slam dunk as the 20-year-old athlete bounced back to the floor in the same split position she started in.

Having some fun with the camera, she gave a grin and stuck her tongue out before she cut the video, showing some of her playful side.

As usual with her TikTok posts, Baby Tate’s Hey, Mickey! remix played over the video, adding to the hype and fun of the impressive yet playful show of strength.

This video is a little different from the ones she’s been posting recently, as she seems to be in the throes of romance.

Livvy Dunne continues to hint at romance via social media

Livvy has a prominent following on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and her followers have caught on that the athlete might be at the beginning of a relationship.

Although Valentine’s Day could be an explanation for her most recent flower-filled posts, it doesn’t explain everything.

There is some speculation that the gymnast is dating Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, but there’s no confirmation that the two are seeing each other.

Livvy has gotten flirty in some of her past videos, including one regarding her being “obsessed” and another where she played a filter game of Smash or Pass, choosing to Smash on J (perhaps another Joe Burrow hint?!).

However, whether she’s flirting with one person (Joe or otherwise), her posts are definitely heating up the internet.

Livvy Dunne promotes Victoria’s Secret in red silk

In a fitting post on Christmas Eve, Livvy declared herself “Santa’s fav” as she sizzled in some silky and lacy Victoria’s Secret attire.

She opted for one of their lace slips, also fitting for a Christmas holiday post.

Though she did not say whether or not the post was a paid ad or partnership, she did tag the lingerie brand, and her incredible follower count was certainly promotion enough for the company.

The slip in question appears to be their Modal & Lace Mini Slip in the shade Lipstick, and the slip retails for $59.95 on Victoria’s Secret’s website.

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1 month ago

Joe Burrow’s girlfriend’s name is Olivia but it is certainly not THIS one! Do the research!